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Health: Flu vaccine – Amberg County Administrator Richard Reisinger provides a good example

With the wet and cold seasons, flu-like infections, which are usually harmless, increase significantly again. There is no need to confuse these diseases with the right flu (flu), which can lead to serious illness and death.

LANDKREIS AMBERG-SULZBACH While the past flu season 2018/2019 described the Robert Koch Institute as relatively moderate, 2017/18. It was the worst flu season in 30 years with 25,100 flu deaths. Older people and chronic patients are especially at risk of enduring severe or even fatal flu courses. The most common complications are terrible pneumonia. However, it can also lead to inflammation of the heart muscle or brain – even young people without pre-existing illnesses can have an impact. Little is known about the link between influenza and heart attack: In the first seven days after influenza infection, the risk of a heart attack is greatly increased. Therefore, an annual flu vaccine is not only the most important way to protect against the flu, but it can also save you from a heart attack.

Vaccination should be done before the end of the year, and therefore before the possible start of increased influenza activity, preferably in October and November. Even later vaccinations are usually still useful. Especially if the flu epidemic has not started or just begun. As a rule, vaccine protection is set within ten to 14 days. As the flu virus is constantly changing, the vaccine must be adjusted annually, so annual vaccine replication is required. Unfortunately, the flu vaccine is not always as effective as hoped for various reasons, but it still remains the best way to reduce the risk.

District Manager Richard Reisinger has a lot of work to do with people because of his job and wants to not only protect himself but also his people from contagion. Therefore, he readily accepted the advice of his medical director, Dr. Med. Roland Brey, who will be re-vaccinated with his family doctor this year. This is the full support of the first president of the Amberg-Sulzbach Association of Medical Districts, Dr. Med. Martin Pöllath. In particular, calls for the appointment of risk groups of the Standing Committee on Vaccination for influenza vaccination to: Persons over 60 years of age, chronically ill with diabetes, asthma or cardiovascular disease, pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy, with underlying illnesses even earlier, nursing and nursing staff. Prescription for influenza vaccine can be arranged with the appropriate family doctor.

Experts are unable to predict when the flu epidemic will start and how difficult it will be. In recent years, the annual flu epidemic has typically started in January and lasted for three to four months. The Amberg Health Agency is available for questions at 09621 / 39-669 or at