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A 120-pound woman after a diet is so lean that her relatives cry

Wollongong, Australia – Big fear of her own wedding: Kylie Mulcahy, 30, weighed 120 pounds before getting engaged to her friend Adam. Wollongong Australian was bothering with nightmares: how could she? their weight can she ever be a beautiful bride, even find a dress?

Kylie Mulcahy (30) before losing weight.

Kylie Mulcahy (30) before losing weight.

The fear was unfounded, because even overweight women are known to get wedding dresses and marry, but that was enough to change Kylie Mulcahy's life completely.

It wasn't that the young woman tried to reduce her weight several times, but several diets failed, and the young woman became more desperate, reports the Daily Mail.

"I remember thinking about getting married and imagining I would go to a bridal shop and not fit in there – people would judge me," the 30-year-old said.

This not-so-realistic idea pushed Mulcahy on and on. However, as she lost almost no weight despite numerous other attempts, in 2017 she went to her family doctor.

He had a bitter message for an overweight woman: Kylie Mulcahy was suffering from a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

This disease is known to cause obesity, acne problems as well as an increased risk of diabetes in women.

Totally changed: Kylie Mulcahy (30) today.

Totally changed: Kylie Mulcahy (30) today.

Because of this, Kylie Mulcahy consulted with a nutritionist to find out if there was a particular diet she should follow. Dairy and gluten were soon on the red list – a must have been avoided.

The nutritionist also encouraged her patient to undergo intensive training, but Mulcahy did not dare to go to the gym because she was afraid of the others. She also loved to swim but did not want to be seen in swimsuits by the pool.

She eventually trained in her own home to avoid judging others. Finally, the pounds went down until Mulcahy nearly halved the weight, weighing only 65 pounds.

On the day of her wedding in March 2019, some of her aunts were crying when they saw that she looked so beautiful. "The wedding was everything I had hoped for," Kylie Mulcahy says in retrospect.

Still, the story is a bit sad: the young woman was finally able to remain as confident as she was.