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A fitness instructor becomes overweight for very specific reasons

To better understand his customers and show them that they can lose weight quickly, the American sports coach became obese before regaining his original weight.

American fitness trainer Drew Manning has a special idea, on which he finally builds his brand "Fit2Fat2Fit": In his fit state, he decides to give up a healthy lifestyle and indulge in fast food at some point. His goal: to gain weight in order to better understand his overweight customers.

A powerful gesture for better understanding

Within 23 weeks, the sports coach manages to increase from 87 to 120 pounds. His goal is to put as much bacon in the shortest possible time.

American coach Drew Manning actually ended this crazy bet to give up all sports and just eat junk food during that time. Even if you may at first think it is a strange idea that is anything but healthy, Drew Manning has come up with something very special.

Because it wants to gain strong weight gain from its customers who have to deal with obesity. So the challenge it faces has a purpose. To help obese people, he must first understand how they feel in everyday life.

A fitness instructor becomes overweight for very specific reasons 2
NBC / Author / Getty ImagesHe is even a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and shares his experiences.

The experience serves both parties

This not only enables him to put himself in the position of overweight people who train with him and seek his help, but also to better understand their problems. In contrast, this challenge proves to its clients that obesity can be overcome in as little as six months.

An experience that had to boost customer morale, giving them real hope in their chances of losing weight. After all, the common path of departure is motivated in many different ways, as the couple proves. In his short video, he shows how fast the body has changed. Most impressive!

Now well known on social media, he has a YouTube channel called "Fit2Fat2Fit" and regularly shows exercises, tips and tricks. You can also follow his entire transformation journey there.

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