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FC Neustadt – FC Gutmadingen: Two Landesligsiten m Aufwind

Football-division: FC Neustadt – FC Gutmadingen (Saturday, 2.30pm). (daz) FC Gutmadingen travels to Neustadt for the first time in their club history. In recent years, both clubs have often separated several leagues. The final day of the preliminary round is now premiering. Both rivals had already won the Black Forest derby last weekend and both reached zero.

Neustadt coach Zejlko Cosic knows his opponent from the time he was coach at Klengen. "We had some hot duels in the county league back then. The staff didn't change much there. Gutmadingen is a team that comes through the press and, after the recent results, certainly has a lot of confidence." "Samma is reborn after his two goals. The whole crew is again blown by the fresh wind. We really want to recharge," Cosic says.

There will be two changes in the initial formation of the host. Herman Takuete was suspended after being fired and Joseph Katava out of operation for a knee injury. Cosic is sure to replace two players equally.

Gutmadinger arrives without any personal worry. Although Lukas Riedmller had to leave the training units during the week due to his studies, he is also available. "We have a good week of training behind us. The team is in physical shape. We drive to Neustadt to crack the 20 point mark. Then Breinlinger would be pleased," the coach says.

To be as well-prepared for the artificial Neustadt lawn as possible, Gutmadinger moved their prom to the artificial lawn in Brunlingen. That's where Breinlinger wants to test different game systems. The coach expects an eye-level match. "Whoever has more will and make less mistakes will go as a winner from the square. I have a good feeling about the match, although Neustadt has been a lot more defensive in recent times."

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