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Flu diet: Can these foods kill the flu viruses?

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Those who eat ketogens generally abstain from carbohydrates. Can it be healthy? Researchers want to find an indication that says it.

  • Olive oil and rapeseed, cream, meat, bacon, avocado, vegetables: All these foods are part of the keto diet.
  • Carbohydrates like bread, bananas or sugar are taboo.
  • Nutritionists generally recommend a balanced diet that does not include any food group – the keto diet here falls out of the net.
  • However, in certain cases it should be an appropriate measure to reduce obesity or to alleviate chronic diseases.
  • However, the on-call doctor must always decide whether a keto diet is a reasonable measure.

Like many diets, the keto diet is not well researched yet. This is partly because each body metabolizes food differently. They also are Nutrition studies poorly controlled, When eating habits questionnaires have to be filled out, it cannot be ruled out that respondents will eat – and may not specify a bag of chips from the previous day.

High Fat Anti-Flu Diet: The keto diet promotes mucus production

In a mouse experiment, however, scientists at Yale University in the US were currently able to prove the effect of a keto diet, which could be an important aspect in the fight against the flu. Results of the study published on the subject portal Science Immunology: Rodents fed a high-fat and carbohydrate diet for a week and then exposed to influenza viruses. survivors are more likely like those mice that did not ketogenically feed.

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Researchers around the author of the Vishwa Deep Dixit study suspect that the reason for better defense against the flu virus is that the keto diet alters immune cell responses in the lungs. Thus, a high-fat diet should promote mucus formation in the internal walls of the lungs, which means difficult conditions for influenza viruses. Mice that ate ketogen could also maintain their weight better, which is an advantage in the case of illness.

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Keto diet: the effect was not strong – further testing will have to follow

In order to convey the results of the study to humans, more research needs to be done so the study authors. Even with the background that the positive effects on the immune system were not very pronounced, further testing would have to follow. Seven of 25 mice that did not receive the ketogenic diet, and ten of 33 keto-dying mice survived the flu, Business Insider reported.

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