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Focus on killer microbes – ZDF's main topic (PHOTO)

11/21/19 2:59 PM
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Mainz (ots) – Dangerous germs are controlled by antibiotics,
but against more and more pathogens, the drugs are proving to be powerless.
On Tuesday, November 26, 2019 beginning at 8.15pm, ZDF will be shown at four
It dispatches the increasing danger of antibiotic resistance. Let's start with
"ZDFzeit" Documentary "Microbial Killers – When Antibiotics No longer Work", The
given the increasing number of diseases and deaths resulting from it
Multiple drug resistant germs represent what happens when one to all outbreaks occur
common antibiotic-resistant microorganisms would occur in the hospital.
After that, "Frontal 21" will light up the topic of resistance at 9pm
Looking at drug residues in sewage, rivers and lakes and states:
Combating this invisible danger to humans and the environment could be expensive
be. From 10:15 a.m. follows "37 °" in "Invisible Enemy – Life with
germs "two protagonists belonging to multi-resistant germs and
Suffering from infections. Afterwards, "Lesch's Cosmos" asks at 10:45 am: "Who
does the killer germ stop? New Treatments ".

Together with Robert Koch Institute experts, "ZDFzeit" has an epidemic
bacteria resistant to pan in a German hospital – no
real, but real. The scenario clarifies what a challenge this is
A cure for the face in such a case. What treatment options
stay with a doctor? How can spread be prevented? Why
is it important to locate the source of the germ? What can researchers and
Pharmaceutical companies working to fix it? And what are the options for action
do they have politics and society? The Killerkeime documentary airs on Tuesday, September 26th.
November 2019 available from 9am at ZDFmediathek.

When drugs enter rivers through sewers, ecosystems can
collapse. Only a few wastewater treatment plants are in Germany
To remove drug residues, which is dangerous for antibiotics. when
invade the environment by threatening resistance. "Frontal 21" opens
Look for clues.

"37 °" follows two women who share the same fate: the chronic
An infection that determines her life. She broke up with Manuel at her family.
Irmtraut hopes that phage therapy will control her long suffering

Who can stop "killer germs" in the aftermath of antibiotics? researcher
Hot pursuit of a new marvelous weapon against deadly pathogens – in the rainforest,
in caves and in poisonous animals. Hundreds of thousands of people are becoming simple
The infections are dying, experts warn. Time is pressing. It shows Harald Lesch
What are the new hopes for the fight against multi-drug resistant bacteria?

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For accredited journalists, the documentary "Microbial Killers – If
Antibiotics no longer work "and" Invisible enemy – life with
Keim ”in the screening room of the ZDF press portal in advance.

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