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How to Blow Whipped Cream Again

The cream in whipped cream is what exists, this expandable, fluffy, thick quality that we all know and love. This is due to the high fat content of the cream – sinful but tasty. The natural shaking of the cream creates air bubbles that adhere to the fat molecules to maintain their fluffy state. Protein and lactose combine and accumulate in the air and fat molecules, which harden the cream. After a while, the bubbles begin to burst and the whipped cream peels off, returning the cream to its original liquid consistency. When that happens, a quick repair is enough to thicken the cream.

How to Blow Whipped Cream Again 2

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Step 1

Pour the cream into a cooled mixer. It is important to keep the cream as cool as possible.

Step 2

Gently mix the cream with a cold spoon. This will combine the elements of the cream as there may have been some separation from the last stroke.

Step 3

Put some mugs of fresh cream in the bowl and mix gently. Although not absolutely necessary, it does help.

Step 4

Adjust the electric shock to a slow speed. Turn it on and start whipping the cream. Initially it will be wet. Increase speed to medium and whip until cream begins to thicken. Gradually add 2 tablespoons. of powdered sugar in a continuous mix. You can use normal granulated sugar if you have no sugar.

Step 5

Turn the batter too high and allow the cream to blend until it is fully filled. It will make small but solid peaks when completed. Stir in the whisk and return the freshly cut cream to the fridge until ready to use.