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Mixed drinks with Smirnoff Vodka – 2019

Smirnoff vodka is the best selling vodka in the world. It is reasonably priced and has a light taste, with other flavors dominating the cocktails. Available in warehouses and bars. Smirnoff vodka mixed drinks range from simple to high.

Mixed drinks with Smirnoff Vodka - 2019 2

Smirnoff vodka blends well with many aromas of juices and other alcohols.

Juicy Smirnoff drinks

The screwdriver is one of the simplest and most refreshing Smirnoff drinks made by adding a thick vodka to a large glass of orange juice and ice. Drinks that prefer tomatoes over orange juice can create a bloody Maria by adding the same amount of tomato juice with spices such as salt, pepper and white celery and flavors like Worcestershire and spicy pepper sauce. To make a beagle, mix vodka with ice and grapefruit juice. If you cover the edge of the beagle glass with salt, you have made a salty dog. Blending vodka with cranberry juice results in a Cape Codder.

Smirnoff Martinis

A simple martini boat contains only two components: vodka and dry vermouth. The amount of vermouth added depends on how dry the martini will be. The least vermouth, the dryer is. It can be served on the rocks or made into a cocktail shaker with ice and poured into a glass martini. Green peppers stuffed with olives are the traditional dish for a martini. Replace a cocktail onion to turn it into a Gibson. Blending equal parts of blue curacao, lemonade and Smirnoff vodka leads to a blue martini and the combination of the same portions of cinnamon and vodka cinnamon results in a golden martini finger. To turn Goldfinger Martini into a Golden Kiss Martini, add half a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream.

Smirnoff Classic Vodka

Black Russian, a blend of coffee and vodka liqueur, with a dash of fresh orange juice, refines a delicious dessert drink. To make a Belarussian, add a cream or half cream. An elegant Cosmopolitan is a mixture of Smirnoff vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and lime juice, mixed in an ice cocktail shaker and served in a glass of cocktail. To create a fuzzy navel, combine the vodka, peach soups, triple sec and orange juice.

Be creative

Since Smirnoff vodka has such a non-dominant flavor, you can blend it with almost all the popular cocktail ingredients with a spicy mixed drink. If you choose a flavored Smirnoff vodka, adjust the flavor of the other ingredients to get a well-balanced drink that doesn't overflow with a flavor.