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Pediatricians warn: Saxony-Anhalt childcare is at risk

Halle (Saale) –

The Saxony-Anhalt National Association of the Pediatricians and Pediatric Surgeons Association of Germany sees medical care for children and young people in the country at risk.

"The current financial resources and economic condition of children's hospitals are completely inadequate and endanger their existence," said chairman Axel Schobeß, as the association announced Friday in Halle. The closing or closing of maternity hospitals and children's hospitals across the country soon shows that the economic aspects often determine the continuation of children's specialties, especially in rural areas.

Doctors: Medicine for children and adolescents is not enough

Pediatric and adolescent medicine is not currently financially viable, but essential components of effective care are need-based care, Schobeß said at the Association's annual meeting. According to statements, the imminent closure of pediatric and obstetric medicine at the Naumburg and Zeitz sites provided reason for discussion.

Basically, economic principles should be recognized in medicine as well, so the tenor of the symposium. However, wrong events and demographics have led to a general underfunding of pediatric and adolescent medicine throughout Saxony-Anhalt in recent years. The forthcoming adoption of the Saxony-Anhalt state bed plan should therefore be used to discuss adequate funding for existing and structures to be created. (AP)