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Remove stains: Simple home decor

Whether on a blouse, couch or carpet: uncomfortable blemishes are often faster than you can see. The good news is you can get almost anything – even without chemistry! Here are the best home stains for hacking:

Use these tricks to remove stains

Remove the red wine stains

Classic among patches: red wine. It pours out quickly and the stains are particularly stubborn. But don’t worry, even if bright textiles, carpets and Co can remove red wine stains – but you need to act fast! Since the red wine stain is applied first, it is difficult to get it out of it.

To remove the red wine stain, first smear the lemon juice on the stain. Then sprinkle a large amount of salt over it and let it work. After the salt and lemon have been removed, the stain is cleaned with a dry brush. Then wash the treated surface with mineral water, done!

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With home remedies for stains

Do not despair, not even the most stubborn stains you drop with simple budgets. This makes expensive, cleaner chemicals unnecessary for the future.

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Remove coffee stains

Remove stains quickly and easily? No problem with these tricks!

Remove stains quickly and easily? No problem with these tricks!

Also, coffee often ends up on clothes – especially when it has to pass quickly again. Unfortunately, a hot beverage is not only a pick-up, but a strong color. As with red wine, you must act quickly, as the coffee stain is absorbed immediately. What helps? Baking soda and water! Simply dissolve the baking soda packet in water and gently rub the resulting onion on the stain of fresh coffee. Then rinse thoroughly with water, the stain is on.

Remove stains from grease

In addition to grease stains, baking soda also proves to be a reliable helper – whether on wallpaper, flooring, or as a stubborn oily film on the kitchen cabinet. Simply mix baking soda with water into the cream as needed, then spread it over the stain. After the mass has dried, it is simply removed or – sucked off.

Alternatively, grease stains can be removed with a little washing up liquid on a damp cloth – which is especially true of more delicate textiles. Another option is stain paper, which is simply put under the fresh spot and then ironed.

Remove stains from wax

Remove wax stains: How to get rid of candle wax again

Remove wax stains: How to get rid of candle wax again

It's candle time again – and with it come undesirable wax stains. With wax stains, it is important to wait for the mass to cool down and solidify – otherwise it only gets worse. Cold treatment is especially effective, which is why smaller textiles are best placed in the freezer and larger ones can be treated with ice cubes.

The trick: the wax just breaks down after a cold treatment! Remains can be removed with smear paper and iron! Oily edges are sometimes created – they can be removed with alcohol.

Remove makeup stains

Pretty much every woman knows how quickly they color makeup and lipstick on their clothes. Again, there is a quick trick: detergent! Just put a small amount on a damp cloth and remove the stain. For older and especially stubborn stains, the shaving cream is the perfect stain remover: first, apply a little foam to the stain, massage it and rinse with cold water. Then spray some foam again and rinse with warm water.

Even stains on the hands and skin can be quickly and easily removed with shaving cream, making it a lifesaver for minor self-tanning accidents. Its secret: It has the least abrasive particles.