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Shirin David reveals his Bambi diet – four pounds for a dress

There is not too much effort for her appearance on Bambi!

Shirin David (24) will be honored as the first German rapper in music history on Thursday at the 71st Bambi Media Awards in the "Shooting Star" category.

Other winners of the evening (live from 8.15pm on Good Stock Invest) include Hollywood actress Naomi Watts (51), Belgian Queen Mathilde (46) and singer Sarah Connor (39). met with Shirin David before the ceremony.

What nobody knew until now: Shirin died more before his performance. Musician: "I lost four pounds in one week, so my dress fits even better." The dress will proudly present her in the evening.

Her nutritional secret: "I did as much carbohydrate as I could. In the morning, I ate a slice of bread. These were my carbohydrates of the day. For lunch and dinner vegetable soup. Plus, there were sports four times a week."

What discipline! Shirin admits, "I'm actually the worst person to want to eat dessert before a main course. So it wasn't easy, I had three days of sugar withdrawal."

After Bambi the diet is restarted. "I realized that I wasn't really that type of diet. I like to eat, I'm half Iranian and half Lithuanian. And we like to eat! We are not greens of greens.

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Photo by Universal Music

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Shirin with cover for "Supersize" albumPhoto by Universal Music

Why is Shirin worshiping on Bambi? With their debut album "Supersize" the multi-talents have won as the number one German city artist on the German charts of the album, and they have also achieved impressive successes with songs like "Give Him" ​​(17 weeks in the German chart). Each of her seven singles finished in the top 10 of the German music charts.

In addition to music, Queen Shirin David is also the real Queen for Bambi: the Belgian enthroned Mathilde. It will be the safest performance of the evening. knows: It's escorted from Frankfurt to Baden-Baden. There will be some insurance people on site.

For the most spectacular performance, Sarah Connor, performs with a gospel choir.