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Spices For Ham – 2019

With a deep, rich and intense salty taste, ham benefits from a variety of spices, especially those with a sweet, warm nature, such as cloves or cinnamon. White and brown sugars provide an added sweetness to salty ham, while herbs like thyme and laurel play tasty looks. Spices can be used alone or in combination to create a unique flavor profile that creates a delicious ham.

Spices For Ham - 2019 2

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The hot spices are sweet and spicy and provide a pleasant and spicy heat that complements the spicy ham.

  • allspice The spice, as opposed to its name, is an independent spice, although it is like a A combination of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon tastes.

    Try to make a simple blend of spices with spice and brown sugar.

  • cloves – with one sweet seasoning similar to that of cinnamon, cloves contribute to heat. Decorate the outside of the ham by adding whole cloves to the skin or mixing with cloves with spices.

  • cinnamon – Cinnamon is sweet and spicy creates subtle but intricate and balanced aromas of ham.

    Try adding cinnamon to the ground with a little honey in a sweet and spicy ham glaze.

  • nutmeg – Nutmeg is very hot with Colors of sweetness and bitterness , It goes a little too far, so use nutmeg only sparingly or mix with spices like spice and cinnamon.

These earthy herbs taste good with the salty ham seasoning.

  • parsley – Parsley a little bitter and adds a nice balance to the rich food. Raw or dried parsley can be used.
  • thyme Earth, wood and knife , fresh or dried thyme makes a great ham on its own or in combination with other herbs.
  • The bay leaves – Laurel leaves have a unique woody taste, which is due to Menthol Notes underlined. Less with this herb, mince a bay leaf or two and add it to a mix of spices along with other herbs and spices.
  • sage – with one pine flavor filled with lemon notes Sage adds a light herbal flavor to the ham.

Both white and brown sugar can be used to bring a sweet balance to salty, salty ham, though brown sugar with hints Molasses give more complexity ,

Spices such as garlic powder and onion powder provide a rich addition to ham without adding unwanted salt , Try to combine it with brown or white sugar to get a sweet and spicy note.