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Stop this craving for a moment, according to the study

Just when you want to lose one or the other extra pounds, craving for food is just not appropriate. However, you can stop the craving for sweet, salty and fatty foods by following this trick …

Want to finally announce the fight for your problem areas and change your diet accordingly and sweat regularly at the gym? This is a good start but they are still one or the other obstacle on the way to the dream character. One of them, and very high ones, is craving. It doesn't help if your meals are full of healthy and low-calorie foods, but you can't resist the craving for sweet, savory or fatty foods. Because these snacks not only ensure that their empty calories spread very quickly in the form of love handles on the abdomen, hips and buttocksAlso, blood sugar levels go out of balance, which in turn can lead to food cravings – such a vicious cycle. However, there is a simple trick that stops this sudden onset of hunger. 😍

THIS trick stops craving – according to a study

Nutritionists at London's St. John's Hospital have learned George that a very specific spice can affect the autonomic nervous system so much that it tells your brain that you are full. The spice we're talking about is vanilla and for that effect we do not need to eat it, it is enough to feel it. For their research, the experts fitted a group of 70 obese people with a sticky plaster that emits a fine vanilla scent, while the other, consisting of 130 participants, just received a scentless patch. For a period of four weeks they were study participants finally noticed those who were surrounded by vanilla air every day, especially sweets with much less – or rather less – feasts.
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The head of the research team, Catherine Collins, is a suspectthat sweet aroma stimulates the release of serotonin happiness hormone in the brain and has a similar effect as enjoying a piece of chocolate. Except, in this case, you will not eat empty calories that would spread in the form of annoying love handles and thus will not balance your blood sugar – an important player in weight loss. However, do you wonder how to use this trick in your daily life? Of course you don't always have to run the plaster but by always having a small vanilla flavored bottle in your bag and always smelling it when you realize that the craving for calorie sin is increasing, then you can effectively combat the craving for food. So there is one obstacle less in the way to the dream figure!

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