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Thief: He put every fifth pack in his pocket

Moabit –

Moabit As a courier, he was sitting behind the wheel and his girlfriend in the back of the van, opening the package one by one. "It was like Christmas," confessed Amer El.-S. (28) in court. 51 stolen packages in just five days. El-S .: "Everyone loves opening packages!" They wanted to sell the loot: "Make money fast, but the plan is not thought out."

But bravely: El-S. there is not even a cardboard! Former courier smiling: "I had a copy!" His brief "career" in February 2018. After a week of training, he was allowed to guest on his own. The Wedding Man was assigned an area in Hohenschönhausen. The first five days. It should ship 242 packages. About a fifth never arrived. Ratzfatz was torn, robbed. El-S .: "But not everything was great, what we found."

Querbeet-Booty: From gray felted Borussia Dortmund slippers to powders, anti-aging creams, floor mats, bikinis, lingerie – to a few hits. In the package no. 7 notebooks (762 euros), in no. 48 cameras and keyboard (808 euros in total).

The messenger needed money for his drugs

All but clever: the fading of the pack was quick. They welcomed customer feedback and then dismissal. Police found many packages with the couple. El-S. and Jessica S. (27), then his partner and, according to the prosecution, also an accomplice, a month later eavesdropped on a new source: according to the indictment, they pretended to be the owners of the business premises.

They dropped two Vietnamese, demanded a down payment and sank 28,000 euros. A former messenger (trained in automotive mechatronics) said of drugs: "We needed money for our own consumption." Without cardboard, he would not be able to work in his profession. He has two criminal charges for driving without a driver's license.

The prosecutor sought two years in prison for embezzlement and fraud. Because El-S. he admitted, he got it from a judge, but still a chance: 20 months probation. And against his co-defendant, the ex, who disappeared without excuse, issued an arrest warrant.