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Thin Hammer: Why Shirin David Made a Lightning Diet

Berlin – Hot curves and super cute clothes! That's what fans know and love Shirin David (24). But now the pounds have dropped on the rapper solo!

Shirin David was awarded the Bambi on November 21, 2019.

Shirin David was awarded the Bambi on November 21, 2019.

As a former DSDS jury interview revealed in an interview with Bild, he originated a diet in Hamburg.

The occasion is an important event in Baden-Baden. On Thursday (November 21st), the influencer will be awarded the Bambi Award in the "Shooting Star" category.

But why did the "Give Him" ‚Äč‚Äčinterpreter and avoid the sugar freak lose exactly four pounds in just one week? So she fits the dress for tonight!

As she did so, Barbara Shirin told Davidavicius, named after the bourgeois name, the newspaper, "I did without carbs as much as I could. I ate a slice of bread in the morning. Those were my carbs of the day," she said. For lunch and dinner vegetable soup. In addition, he practiced sports four times a week. "

A proud achievement that required a lot of breadth. She suffered from withdrawal symptoms for three days. Do fans have to say goodbye to the curve queen? A musician is waving and can calm his community. After the awards ceremony, it will again be duly awarded.

"I realized that I wasn't really the type of kid I like to eat," said the successful singer. As the daughter of a Lithuanian mother and an Iranian father, they would love to come in. Fruits and vegetables are not a priority. After Christmas, the rap queen will rise again.