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THIS Short Hairstyle Hairstyles For Women Over 40 Very Special – According To Hairstyle

The right hairstyle – especially the short version – can make us a few years younger and what a short hairstyle is very flattering to us women in their 40s, the hairdresser has now revealed …

Not only can we cheat a few years younger with the help of clothing, makeup and effective anti-aging protection, Choosing a hairstyle can also work wonders. Among a wide range of styles First of all, these are short hairstyles, which emphasize the youthful features of the face and somewhat conceal the wrinkles. Of course, the repertoire of short hairstyles is huge, and finding the perfect hairstyle that fits you and flattering your face is not that easy. So we also consulted with a hairstylist opinion and this revealed what cut each woman really is in their 40s and makes them look five years younger. πŸ’πŸΌ

This hairstyle is especially appealing to women over 40

Whether it's a Pixie, a short Bob or a mushroom head – all of these hairstyles radiate strength and confidence and are super hip this year, but Short Bob is – according to hair salons – the optimal choice for women over 40. As the pores harden with age and fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and in the mouth, they become noticeable, and also during hormonal changes, the hair is a little finer, this is applied when you choose the right cut, a little tact to prove. Jack Merrick Thirlway razor from the Neville salon in London reveals British Daily Mail: "Long Hair Pulls Eyes Down And Emphasizes Dangling Facial Features", In the same breath, he explains the benefits of a short haircut, such as a short Bob: "A shorter incision is non-surgical face lifting, which lessens the age-related" stigmas ". The short form of the iconic bobsled can optimally put the face in the spotlight, because this hairstyle works despite its short length, the very feminine and the wires that fall in weight gain expression of its hardness. At the same time, length ensures this the head looks voluminous and by using iron for smoothing we form light waves into strands and fix it with a small hairspray, we can further enhance the effect, as the expert confirms: "Light waves look youthful, while straight hair can make you older". Related