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Unique in Austria: Mass smoking cessation by radio

Vienna / Murnau (ots) – Due to new non-smoking law: German mental trainer Peter Phillip Koss wants to release hundreds of thousands of Austrians from Glimmstengel

German mental trainer Peter Phillip Koss and Austrian radio station kronehits have ventured into a unique experiment. Thousands of listeners should become smoke-free and finally find the strength to get rid of the expensive and uncomfortable Glimmstengel – without and on the radio, just by listening and participating at home. "With mental exercises and hypno sessions, everyone has the opportunity to quit smoking if they really want to quit," promises Peter Phillip Koss, who is known for spectacular TV appearances and has relieved thousands of people of vice – in addition to Smoking is also overweight or stressful. The reason for the experiment is the new smoking law in the Alpine Republic, which became the hottest in Europe at the beginning of the month. Koss is no stranger. His seminars on smoking cessation have been legendary in Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol for many years.

"It's a one-off action," Koss and kronehits agreed. Next Sunday, he launches a "Do It Without Smoking" experiment. From 1:00 pm, the renowned smoke and relaxation leaders and mental trainers in the studio will provide information on his Hypno-Active method, smoking in general, and how to stay smoke free even after participating in the air. At 2.15pm the actual separation begins. "In just 15 minutes, you can actually create conditions in the subconscious and then no longer smoke, which is a problem for many – not just health, but also very practical, because if you can smoke almost anywhere, addiction is an exhausting daily routine," Koss knows from their practices. After quitting, students in the studio can call, share their experiences and ask questions. "It's definitely only going to happen once. It's an experiment, but I'm sure it works for many," Koss said, looking forward to the action. She is grateful that kronehits joined this crazy idea and dares to do something like that.

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Peter Phillip Koss is a Certified Deep Autogenic Relaxation Specialist with over 25 years of professional experience, a member of the German Society of Dental Hypnotherapy (DGZH) and other international medical associations. Already while studying classical psychology, the mental trainer and trainer were engaged in various trance techniques and relaxation techniques. As part of an advanced psychotherapy degree at Paracelsus German Schools of Natural Medicine, he earned his bachelor's degree as a certified psychological counselor / psychotherapist within HPG. This was followed by special training in therapeutic hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques, education and training, as well as seminars and courses with leading capacities around the world. As a personal trainer and successful trainer, Peter Phillip Koss is active throughout Europe – in individual consultations, as well as in sports and management training groups, as well as with his famous TV seminars on various topics. In addition, a speaker for businesses and organizations was sought, as well as a welcome interlocutor for radio and television. Since 2007, there has been a collaboration with Dipl.-Psych. Prof. Georg Jungnitsch. With the help of Hypno-Active © deep relaxation, Peter Phillip Koss developed his own effective method, which works gently and at the same time very effectively, naturally directly above the subconscious. Peter Philipp Koss is considered to be one of the most famous and successful experts in the field of immediate smoking cessation, permanent weight loss and other applications. The impressive results speak for themselves: the clear majority of seminar participants will remain "clean" in the long run. In addition, the trainer continues to train leadership capacities so that he can adapt to the requirements and topics of his various clients. Peter Philipp Koss is also active as a personal counselor and mental trainer for professional athletes, celebrities and other successes.

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