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Vaccination – it is still time to protect yourself from the flu

As every year, the flu is on the rise. With most people getting the flu in January or February, it's still time for the vaccine.

Since September, people have been vaccinated against the flu to prepare for the winter. Last year, the vaccine was low – this year it looks better.

High fever, sore throat, cough, nose and runny nose are a sign of influenza.

A vaccine is available enough

In the last year, pharmacists have had difficulty getting enough vaccines. This year is different. "The situation is more relaxed than last year," says Michael Schäfer, owner of the Rübezahl pharmacy in Witzenhausen.

Patricia Michel, a pharmacist at Meissner's pharmacy in Hessisch Lichtenau, also says, "If nothing unusual happens, we have enough supplies to get through the winter." However, Peter Müller, a pharmacist at Löwen Pharmacy in Witzenhausen, points out: "It looks good at the moment, but experience shows that it will be scarce in the end." Because: "There was no year where it would be different."

The flu starts in January and February

When this winter will be the first patients in the pharmacies of these three, I cannot say. Schäfer believes it will be soon. And: "Experience has shown that most people get sick in January or February," Michel explains. Those who still want to be vaccinated against the flu are late. "It should be vaccinated quickly because it takes about two weeks until the body produces antibodies," Schäfer said.

The elderly, pregnant women and chronic patients are at risk

Especially people over 60 years of age, those chronically ill like diabetics and pregnant women are at increased risk if they get the flu. In younger people, especially when they are able to, flu is usually associated only with a multi-day bed rest.

Avoid contact with the body, pay attention to hygiene

As the flu virus spreads by droplet infection, anyone who wants to avoid the infection should be careful with the body and pay attention to hygiene. But also whoever is vaccinated should be careful about staying healthy. "The vaccine only protects against the flu virus, not the flu, the cold," Schäfer explains.

There are 37 cases of flu in Werra-Meißner-Kreis so far

Werra-Meißner has 37 known flu cases this year. Only one falls after the circle information about November and thus the current winter. There were two in January, seven in February, 22 in March and five in April. According to the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, 954 people died from the flu in Germany last winter. (FAB)