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5 tips for the ultimate beauty routine in winter

Winter is coming – we can tell from the cold temperature in the morning and evening. To keep our skin glowing despite the cold, we looked for 5 tips for a top-notch beauty routine …

These are the 5 best winter expert tips

In our daily beauty research we came across expert advice from Debbie Thomas who, among other things, cares for skin care Dua Lipa, Jourdan Dunn and Poppy Delevingne worries. She knows exactly what is important in a beauty routine in the winter. Talking to the British "glamor" he has 5 ingenious worries for the cold season divided by why your complexion will shine again by the holidays!

1. Invest in a humidifier

Since we spend a lot of time in the house in the winter as well as in the summer, you should do something right for your room. According to Debbie Thomas, buying a humidifier is well worth it. "Air conditioning and air heating Not only does the air dry out, it also dries our skin. A humidifier is the only way to prevent this "so expert.

5 tips for the ultimate beauty routine in winter 2
tenth wall "400 ml moisturizer", buy here for about 26 euros

2. Use sunscreen every day

Even if it's dark and cloudy outside, you should apply sunblock daily. "UVA rays can penetrate clouds and windows and play a big role in the development of skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the skin and are a major factor in skin aging, such as wrinkles."continues the founder of the D.Thomas Clinic. Your advice is therefore: Daily sunblock is alpha and omega.

5 tips for the ultimate beauty routine in winter 3
Eclat Skin Care "Mineral suncreen", buy here for about 10 euros

3. Load ceramide products

The fact that winter skincare products need to be adapted is essential, says Debbie Thomas. Simply switching to a richer moisturizer and serum would not be enough. "Use Products containing ceramidesbecause they really repair and support the skin barrier, store more moisture"so Thomas.

5 tips for the ultimate beauty routine in winter 4
first Elizabeth Arden "Ceramide Day Lifting & Firming Cream", here for about € 64 purchase
else Elizabeth Arden "Advanced Ceramide Capsule", buy here for about 55 Euros

4. Take vitamin C every day

Vitamin C is a real miracle weapon. In capsule form it supports the immune system as well as the health of our skin. So Debbie Thomas's beauty hack is: Take Vitamin C dailyHowever, for an extra part of care, we would recommend that you nourish your face with Vitamin C. Serum because this is considered a true beauty booster for your complexion.

5 tips for the ultimate beauty routine in winter 5
first bioniva "Vitamin C serum", buy here for about 19 euros
else Feel natural "Vitamin C", buy here for about 17 euros

5. Mix a skincare cocktail

Not only does your face need a lot of care in the winter, but your body also needs a moisture booster. Debbie has the final tip for you: Apply oil to dry areas. "Oil locks in moisture, while body lotion does both Additional moisture content Donate as one Extra layer protection are. "

5 tips for the ultimate beauty routine in winter 6
naissance "Natural almond oil", buy here for about 7 euros

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