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All the facts about smoking

Each year ends more or less the same for many people in the world. The new year should start better than last year. So let’s forge people on New Year’s resolutions. They are completely different from person to person: some want to eat less candy and play more sports, others want to do more for their personal success or even stop smoking.

By the way, the latter is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions badly. But not everyone can make a good living on a cigarette. You will find out how you managed anyway and what to look for here.

All the facts about smoking

New Year's Resolution Stop Smoking - E-Cigarette as an Alternative?
New Year's Resolution Stop Smoking – E-Cigarette as an Alternative?

Did you know that over a quarter of German citizens smoke all the time or at least occasionally? Of this, however, about 44% want to stop and plan to retire. These statistics showed a public opinion poll on ABDA as early as spring 2017.

Permanent to say no to a cigarette fails everyone. Only about 3 to 7% of those willing to quit are still resilient after easing after six months without withdrawal, without any medical or behavioral support.

However, the chance of permanent withdrawal may be doubled with concurrent nicotine replacement therapy.
Smokers, who don't want to quit overnight or can't even, according to a 2016 Cochrane Review, are withdrawing anyway. This helps to continually reduce the number of cigarettes per day for successful withdrawal. Again, so-called nicotine replacement therapy can provide the right approach.

Stop Smoking – These reasons say it

In the beginning, there is always a decision: Do I really want it? Do I really have to say no to cigarettes? To facilitate your decision, there are several good reasons to quit smoking immediately.

• Saving money: Here's a small example of how much money you can save by smoking. Suppose you smoke a full pack of cigarettes daily. This will save you an average of 30 euros a week. That would extrapolate as much as 1,500 euros less in the year. Have a nice vacation, don't you think? During a lifetime of smoking, even a new car evaporates in blue smoke.

• Cancer Protection: Smoking is responsible for most cases of COPD, a lung disease that leads to suffocation (slowly). In addition, 90 percent of lung cancer cases are responsible for smoke.
Lung cancer is detected too late in most cases, making it one of the deadliest cancers. After diagnosis, the affected person only has an average of 16.4 months to live.

• Lifetime: According to research, smokers live longer than 10 years if they make the leap before the age of 34. But even a later exit can be worth it: before the age of 44, you win 9 years on average, and 54 at least 6 more years ago.

• Improved odor: The breath of famous smokers disappears after eight hours of smoking. Enhanced sensory impressions and refined aroma and taste return after 48 hours without smoking.

• Protection of the unborn and children: The risk of birth defects increases by as much as 30 percent during smoking during pregnancy. The risk of sudden infant death syndrome also increases eleven times when babies are surrounded by smokers. Older children with smoking parents are also more likely to develop asthma.

An alternative to smoking

New Year's Resolution Stop Smoking - E-Cigarette as an Alternative?
New Year's Resolution Stop Smoking – E-Cigarette as an Alternative?

Is there really an alternative to smoking? Good question everyone has to ask themselves. For all those who want to quit smoking, there are various prevention services available at local pharmacies. Anyone can use them to get individual advice on smoking addiction.

Federal Chamber of Pharmacy Vice President Thomas Benkert warns: nicotine supplements are only intended to transition from smokers to non-smokers and in most cases are not sufficient for permanent withdrawal. If you really want to become a non-smoker, you need to change your personal attitude.
The following nicotine substitutes should be provided in time for the New Year's Eve decision to get rid of smoking:

• Nicotine chewing gum: Acute relief of withdrawal symptoms
• Nicotine patch: Provides a steady supply of nicotine, lasts longer than chewing gum
Lozenges: Acute relief of withdrawal symptoms
• Sprays: Acute relief of withdrawal symptoms
• Electronic cigarette
• Exercise as compensation

Electronic Cigarette – What Is It?

New Year's Resolution Stop Smoking - E-Cigarette as an Alternative?
New Year's Resolution Stop Smoking – E-Cigarette as an Alternative?

An e-cigarette is a device that in most cases delivers liquid that evaporates through an electrically heated coil. The consumer inflates or inhales the resulting wet steam. Unlike a regular cigarette, no combustion process is performed.
All the facts about the alternative

In public, the electronic version is gaining in importance. Three million people in the Federal Republic of Germany have taken up this alternative to smoke in 2015. Of these, as many as 1.2 million people use them regularly. 25 percent of German adults even prefer the electronic version of a conventional cigarette. Almost every smoker has ever heard of "steamer" – that's at least 95%. One-fifth also reached out to e-cigarettes to test them.

The reasons for purchasing an electric version can be varied:
• 35.4% bought the alternative to smoke less
• 18% tried to stop completely
• 28% think the electronic version is less harmful

According to experts, these figures are even rising sharply over the next few years. A TNS Infratest survey found that 80 percent of Germans were unaware of the less harmful effects of normal smoking. That is why it is important to clarify this in more detail.

Definition of e-liquids?

Electronic cigarette fuel is the so-called E-liquid, and a maximum of five different substances are used in production. Different flavors determine the variety of enjoyment of e-cigarettes. The highest purity requirement applies to all substances under the Tobacco Products Act.
Liquids are usually produced in the following ratio, and the variety in the E-liquids online store is incredibly large:

• 55% propylene glycol (E 1520)
• 35% glycerin (E 422)
• 5 to 10% distilled water
• 1.5% flavor
• 0.1 to 2% nicotine

The benefits of electronic smoking over the conventional version

A long-term study by the Cancer Research UK (UK) shows that the amount of carcinogenic and toxic substances in the body is lower than that of tobacco smokers. In addition, smoking electronically has been shown to be less harmful to health than conventional tobacco. In addition, the electronic version contributes less to smoking or even stopping unhealthy smoke.


Author: Harald McFly

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