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Apple Trick: This is how fruit melts pounds

There is no time for sports, but is an important event underway or do you want to finally take the right step towards good weight? With the apple trick, the pounds go down almost dormant and without giving up anything.

"The apple does not hold a doctor's day," we often just say so and underestimate that there is a lot of truth in this little English proverb. An apple is a true miracle weapon, not only in terms of health, but also if one or the other pound should be knocked down. The popular fruit variety can be easily integrated into the diet. So you can not only process the apple into cakes and desserts, but also enjoy the salad and as a healthy snack in between. The apple trick is based on this diversity and makes it easy to lose weight in everyday life. What is the secret behind the diet formula and how best to implement it, we now tell you. 🍎

This is how the trick with apples melts the pounds

Whether as a nutmeg, cake or juice: Apple is probably one of the most famous and popular types of fruit. Yet his strength is often underestimated, and completely wrong. Not only is the apple a real booster for our health, it is also a perfect secret weapon if we lose a few extra pounds. According to the study, it slows your appetite so much that you eat about 200 calories per meal less than usual. This is because of the fibers contained in the apple, which swell in the stomach and so quickly create a feeling of satiety. So you can eat without giving up and still let the pounds go away. An especially important role in weight loss using the apple trick is played by the dietary fiber pectin found in the apple. It slows the rise of blood sugar, allowing you to burn more effective fat. 🔥 © iStock

To lose weight effectively with Apple Trick, add two apples to your diet daily. It doesn't matter if you eat between them or replace snacks and snacks. However, it is easier to lose weight if you integrate apples into your main meals. For breakfast, apple is great as a smoothie or as a cinnamon porridge topping. In the evening, you can prepare delicious carrot and apple soup or pair a salad with several apple slices. Studies show that you burn even more calories through popular fruit than the apple itself. The reason is that the stomach has to spend a lot of energy to digest it. In order to master the work, he resorts to energy reserves in the form of love handles. 😍

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