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Bambi for Bjarne: … but all the blasphemy about the looks of Anna Loos

The dress looks like an "Egyptian curtain", the hairstyle is reminiscent of Prince Eisenherz, the whole woman looks strangely old: About actress and singer Anna Loos spilled during the Bambi scorn and mockery of the Twitter community Loos had Hamburger Bjarne Mädel presented the award for Best German Actor.

When women wear a new hairstyle, everyone has an opinion about it. Anna Loos recently wears a checkered ponytail, which can actually be read as a bow to Prince Eisenherz or – more well-intentioned – Anna Wintour style icon.

Bambi for Bjarne Mädel: Spectators brag about Anna Loos

Most Twitter users were upset: "over 50," it was said, or, "What is Anna Loos's mother doing on Bambi?"

The gold dress also met with a bit of enthusiasm:

Many felt reminiscent of an extinct profession.

Bambi for Bjarne Mädel from Hamburg

At the awards ceremony in Baden-Baden, Bjarne Mädel prevailed against his colleagues Alexander Fehling and Uwe Ochsenknecht. He thinks everyday that he has had the great fortune in his life, Hamburger said in his acceptance speech because he was born a "white man."

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Bjarne Mädel has been awarded Bambi for Best Actor.

Mädel received a gold deer for his role in the films "25 km / h" and "End of Truth", among others.

They received honorary bambi

The jury of honor was awarded the three "Grand Dames of Television" as it was called: Uschi Glas (75), Gaby Dohm (76) and Michaela May (67). (Th)