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Can a cold save lives? Doctors are testing a new treatment

In cardiac arrest and lack of oxygen, brain damage is threatened. However, cooling can delay. American doctors are testing it for the seriously injured.

With help cold and saline solution US doctors want to keep seriously injured people alive. They have been trying for several years for treatment in which the blood of patients is against a saline solution they alternate and the body cools to 10 to 15 degrees, like a magazine The new scientist on Thursday (local time) reported. Cause of cold The attenuation processes in the cells are stopped, taking the brain less damage. Doctors have more time to perform rescue operations. How many patients have been tested before and how many survived, said the study director Samuel Tisherman from University of Maryland Medical School (Baltimore) according to the journal no. He hopes to release the results by the end of 2020.

"Therapeutic hypothermia" – is the name of a method that should save lives

Ten minutes without a heartbeat has long been considered the limit of life to death or infirmity. In extreme cases, physicians in extreme cases struggle for one another for several hours – and they can succeed. This is because of a method established about two decades ago: therapeutic hypothermia. For example, people with cardiovascular failure are already cooling down during or immediately after resuscitation – special pads, infusions or ice bags. Also during cardiac surgery the body temperature is partially lowered.

This cold management combines American researchers with injection saline solution into the bloodstream. Post u The new scientist According to doctors, the procedure is being tested for patients admitted to the hospital with a serious injury, such as a gunshot or gunshot, and once cardiac arrest they have. The pre-requisite for experimental treatment is that the injured lose more than half their blood and have only a survival chance of less than five percent.

Read it now: Today's edition of your e-work newspaper.

Read it now: Today's edition of your e-work newspaper.

Cooling mode has been successfully tested in animal experiments

"That principle works, we know from animal experiments," he said Bernd Böttiger, Chairman of the Board of the German Revival Council. As far as he knows, people have not tested it on other doctors yet. Accordingly, whether and how well the procedure works can only be assessed by a series of results so far unavailable, said the director of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at University Hospital Cologne.

Due to cold treatment, the brain activity of patients is almost completely stopped. "When the heart stops beating, there is no more oxygen to the brain," he explains Böttiger, At normal body temperature, the brain becomes damaged after only a few minutes. "In my opinion, nothing is more effective in protecting the brain than the brain cooling"Many years ago Böttiger He explains that there may be severely injured patients in the future cooling take him to rest first and then restart the cardiovascular system.

According to information from Tisherman stay in his procedure for about two hours to treat injuries. "We're trying to buy time to save lives." After the intervention, the blood returns and the body warms up slowly. (AP)

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