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Dog: Dortmund company offers THIS food – "smells very different from normal foods"

Dortmund. Food intolerance, allergies, special preferences or even vegetarian: Not only do people have preferences in their diet. Also the best man's friend who dog, needs more than canned or dried food. It is precisely this need that Dortmund-based Wunschfutter is dedicated to – and it goes into unusual ways.

Company philosophy: individual food for all dog individually tuned, lots of meat and vegetables, some cereals and the whole thing also freshly prepared. As of 2011, there is already "food to crave".

Special dog food from unusual sources

But next year, the company wants to go one step further.


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In this case, not only beef, pork, poultry, lamb or rabbit should be bought as food. Elizabeth Duck, CEO of the company since summer 2019, says: “We are interested in insect food. We want to test it next year. We have already received the first samples and it sure smells quite different and looks different from the usual dry food. "

Insects as a source of protein for dogs

Insect food means that food is not made from pork or beef, but from insects. Just like it's normal for people to eat grilled bakeries or fried mists, especially in Asia, "Wunschfutter" now wants to test it on a dog. Next year, animal feed will be on the market. Since insects have a high protein content, this does not seem like the worst idea at first.

Elizabeth Duck, 40, is from the US and has always wanted to work with animals, but above all with animals. When a job offer arrived at Wunschfutter, she couldn't refuse.

Food intolerance in his own dog has led to companies

"As a child, I was already very fond of animals and also brought pets to breastfeeding. Of course, Wunschfutter was the first place for me," Duck says in an interview with DER WESTEN.

One of the company's founders came up with the idea because his dog had food intolerances. And since, in his view, there was no real dog food market specifically focused on the needs of an individual animal in 2011, he set up "food for desire" along with several others.

"It's produced by 12 o'clock, then it's over and the food is shipped the same day so it gets really fresh," explains Elizabeth Duck.

No grain as filler

When preparing, take care not to fill the grain as a filler, but only high quality meat from the food chain. This means, for example: a duck is bred and slaughtered in Germany mainly for the breast. The Feed wants to avoid the rest of the animal being thrown away. This is why large parts of the animal are then treated in the form of dog food.

"But we don't take any waste, leftover meat, or even rotten meat. We mostly use pigs' ears, but also ears, for example, as snacks or as a bite. We just want the animal to use more than just a body part."

Vegetarian or vegan foods do not offer "food for desire". But that has nothing to do with the fact that it's not good. But at the request of dogs to feed them.

Vegan or vegetarian food does not exist

"Vegetarian food was on offer. However, this didn't cover all the important nutrients. Because anyone who wants to feed their dog vegan or vegetarian needs to know exactly how it manages to cover all the needs. Including the animal protein the dog needs," explains Elizabeth Duck. And that was only possible with vegetarian food.

To find out exactly the right dog food, online as well as on the phone, there is a food consultant. The food is not ordered as a subscription, but in different bag sizes. So there are also trial packs and 15-pound bags for large animals.

It's not something for every dog

However, not every dog ​​or owner will always find the food they want. "Especially when the dog is sick or needs extremely special food, we go to the vet. Because we have a lot, but we can't cover everything."

In terms of price, Wunschfutter is not exactly in the supermarket sector. 12 cans of 400 grams of wet food with beef and sweet potatoes cost, for example, 34.90 euros. For comparison, a similar product from a zoo shop costs (with the same amount) about half.

"However, a lot of wet food and dry food from a supermarket contains a lot of grain as a filler. And it's not always clear which parts of the animal are processed. This is different for us," Duck points out.