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Dr. Steinbigler, why is the flu so dangerous?

Those affected should be healed first of all, Mindelheimer MD, MD advises. Peter Steinbigler. What dramatic cases he has already experienced.

In this emergency, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Med. Peter Steinbigler was still scared, as if it was only yesterday. One patient had severe symptoms at an ambulance department at a county hospital Mindelheim delivered. She was so weak that she could only get enough oxygen through her artificial lung to keep her alive. Severe illness was the result of delayed flu.

Thank goodness today, thanks to the ambulance. By the way, artificial lungs are specifically made for Mindelheim. Such a device does not exist in the county town, as it would rarely need it.

Now in the cold season, it's only a matter of time until the flu epidemic reignites. This is not a normal cold with a cold, cough and scratch in the neck. It is a highly contagious viral flu. The head of internal medicine at the hospital in Mindelheim says that in the vast majority of cases, the flu goes away without consequences. However, patients should definitely be spared. "This is an extreme sofa," so a strict bed. The flu affects the person so suddenly, it takes so long until he or she is cured again.


Chief Medical Officer Steinbigler: Flu viruses change regularly

About every seven years, flu viruses change, so it's especially difficult to get the right vaccine. If a new type of flu occurs, it gets its name by origin: honolulu flu, Asian flu, or Spanish flu. Incidentally, the latter raged in three waves and erupted in 1918. Worldwide, 25 to 50 million people have died from the flu.

Three to four weeks sufferers must be patient. They should definitely take advantage this time, Steinbigler says. If the flu is brought down, its body is so weak that even the bacteria have an easy game.

Those who do not save must expect serious health consequences. Heart muscle inflammation would be one of the worst consequences. Flu is always involved in the heart muscle. "There are cases where there is measurable heart failure," the doctor says. Water can accumulate in the lungs.

Even with an ECG, which measures the electrical activity of the heart, the consequences for the heart muscle can be proven. Permanent scarring of the heart may occur. In extremely rare cases, a heart transplant was even needed.

Impatience can cost you a lot of money because of the flu

Particularly vulnerable are impatient people who find themselves irreplaceable in business and "athletes who think they have to play football despite the flu necessarily in the county league." They run the risk of spreading the flu.

In general, Steinbigler finds that some self-optimizers often exaggerate their fitness in Swabia. There’s iron and disciplined running, even if you actually go to bed.

People should rather see them rest. And winking, adds the doctor who comes from Munich: In Upper Bavaria, the risks are distributed differently. They sit comfortably in front of their wheat beer with pork. "And it's not good for your health either."

In order to initially catch the highly contagious influenza virus, hand hygiene plays a crucial role. Regular washing of hands with soap is recommended. During flu, it is necessary to breathe with trembling hands.

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