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Face Serum: What lies behind a miracle cure?

Face Serum – What Is It?

We admit, "serum" sounds like a mystical drink. Is it small – just for the skin. Face serums give us that just a few drops of full strength nursing care. Because face serum is one Beauty and care blends of highly concentrated ingredients, which is usually bottled in small shopping bottles. Popular ingredients are hyaluronic acids, thermal waters, amino acids or vitamins. That should be for one balanced, healthy and fresh complexion care. In the beauty industry, there is a real serum for every skin problem and need. Which ingredients in the serum you should pay attention to depends on your skin type, we tell you below.

The right mix – what serum for which skin type?

Serums can be a miracle product, it is only important that you adapt the serum to his skin needs so that he can fully develop. So we'll tell you which ingredients to look out for, depending on your skin type. So you can find the right face serum at any time.

  • Unclean skin and pimples: Choose a serum with salicylic acid, sulfur, phytic acid and farnesol.

  • wrinkles: Of course, you can't just make the wrinkles disappear. However, anti-aging face serums are perfectly suited to delay skin aging. For youthful complexion, provide the active ingredients anti-aging retinol, ferulic acid, peptides and glycolic acid.

  • Pigment or pigment blemishes: Correct face serums for pigmentation disorders include vitamin C, gingerbread extract and licorice.

  • Pale skin: Serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid provides a feeling of freshness.

  • Dry skin on face: A serum containing hyaluronic acid and aloe vera is your wonder weapon against dry skin, because the serum ingredients provide enough moisture.

  • Reddened, irritated skin: Do you have sensitive skin? Serum thermal water soothes the skin. Serum with acai berries and green tea ensures a balanced complexion.

If you are not sure what skin type you have, you can easily do our skin test.

When do you apply face serum?

As a short-term helper: SOS, skin definitely needs a hit! Then you can easily integrate the appropriate serum into your skin care routine and look forward to quick effect. Especially when an important event occurs, a face serum is the best solution for a fresh complexion. High on serum!

As permanent helpers: If your skin is mostly dependent on care, you can also integrate face serum into daily care. However, serum is not a substitute for day cream, but is an addition to daily skin care.

How To Apply Face Serum Properly?

Face serum is worn between face cleansing and day cream or night care Important: After cleaning, it must be The face is completely dry Otherwise the serum cannot be absorbed. A few drops of serum is enough. Apply serum on forehead, cheeks, neck and décolleté and Massage into the skin in a circular motion.

Internal tip: Serum can sometimes replace the primer. Simply apply serum before applying make-up. Makeup does not settle in creases and pores and is longer lasting. And the best part is the extra cream for the freshness of the face serum The make-up looks worthy of a glow missed.

The world of beauty and makeup swears with face serum. So it's no wonder that serum has become our new beauty must-have.