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FC Werda in seven games without defeat | Free Press – Vogtland


In the Vogtlandliga, the first four teams are separated by just one counter. Faithful leaders follow teams from Rotschau, Erlbach and Werde. However, the redshowers are free this time.

1. FC Wacker Plauen (8th) – SG Unterlos (13th): Wacker should boost confidence by defeating the hosts 8-1 on Wednesday against Wernesgrün. Marcel Grellmann scored four straight in the win. In addition, Jens Degelmann, Felix Zeuner, Marcus Pippig and Christian Schneider contributed to the scoring. Hannes Lorenz scored a consolation goal for the bottom of the table. Wacker is already four points behind the first relegation place after winning. Occupied opponent of Unterlos. He has a very short journey this time, the last three times in a row as a loser from the square.

VfB Auerbach II (7th) – SV Fronberg Schreiersgrün (9th): The VfB reserve must digest the latest 1: 7 blower in Rodewisch, which has previously won twice. Schreiersgrün also received a good shock absorber last with 0: 4 in Irfersgrün. Who is looking forward to a positive result?

BC Erlbach (3rd) – SG Jößnitz (14th): The Erlbach promoter seems to be on the right track, the last two wins and is considered the favorite. Jößnitzer are unlucky league tricks, they are worse in the class than they are playing. There were usually draws or narrow defeats. Only against the back light did the green-and-white Wernesgrün manage a three-match match on the third day.

FSV Treuen (1st) – SV Kottengrün (12th): When the manager at home plays against the twelfth, the roles appear to be clearly distributed. But his favorite is not invincible, he has lost three times. Kottengrüner has weakened his last, and he has been unable to score since the last three games.

SV Grün-Weiß Wernesgrün (15th) – SC Syrau (5th): A ten-match point, he has already scored 39 goals and only twelve goals scored: For the lowest club Wernesgrün Vogtland the league is probably one size too big this season. For a guest from Syrau, a seemingly easy game, but the King's champions have to be careful, even two games without a win, and in the past the Green-Whites have always been tough.

FC Werda (4th) – BSV Irfersgrün (10th): Werda, from seven games without defeat, is one of the positive surprises of the season, which the last Syrau had to painfully experience 2: 3. Irfersgrün managed to once again win after three defeats.

1. FC Rodewisch (6th) – FC Fortuna Plauen (11th): 7: 1 against VfB Auerbach II launches other forces in Rodewisch. Will it be the fifth win in a row? Fortuna plays an unusually poor series after many great years. Only three wins since the start of the season, always against teams in the basement. (TGF)