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Horoscope: This star is very talented

Our zodiac sign can say a lot about us and our personality and tell us what predispositions were placed in our cradle. It is exciting that the signs of the zodiac also give us information about whether we were born very talented. One of the signs of the zodiac falls through one often high, detailed intelligence. What; Read it yourself!

What is a talent?

Burial is a mentally gifted person who is well above average. one The intelligence quotient of 130 sets the limit and therefore the decisive criterion Stable. Around the world there are only about 2% highly gifted.

This star sign is extremely talented

The Aquarius is considered one of the smartest zodiac signs in the zodiac. This is mainly because it has a very specific analytical approach to things. It looks through the problems immediately and often only takes a few seconds to find the perfect solution. Not infrequently, the intelligence quotient is still high enough to determine talent. Aquarius kids often drop out of school because they usually do their jobs faster and better than anyone else, then they get bored and behave in an obvious way. Sometimes, however, a talent does not appear much later

Not only is Aquarius gifted

Of course, not only the Aquarius star is particularly intelligent or very talented. Also, the transparent Scorpio, the wise Capricorn, the emotionally intelligent fish, and the philosophical Sagittarius often point above the average IQ. also all other zodiac signs very smart and extremely talented to be. After all, only a professional IQ test can provide a sure answer to the question "Am I gifted?" So don't jump to conclusions!

Talent books and high sensitivity

The book "Beyond the Rule – Very Gifted and Highly Sensitive ?: The Emotional and Social Aspects of Talent in Children and Adults" is suitable for all people who want to deal with the issue of talented and highly sensitive. It is really great written and also addresses the unpleasant aspects of a talent. What are the chances of highly gifted children and adults, what problems do they face? The book is insightful without being instructive and helps everyone understand the whole subject in depth. Here you can see it and order it.