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How to Fix High Heels |

Almost every woman has a favorite pair of high heels. However, wearing heels too much can cause the heel part to break. Accidents also cause the heel tip to break. Women can save their favorite shoes without visiting an expensive shoemaker. To determine high heels, you can buy heel replacement tips.

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How to Fix High Heels | 3

Measure the correct diameter and size of the damaged heel. These measurements ensure that the new tips for the heels you buy fit well.

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Buy a replacement for the heel tip again. You are more likely to find a replacement for the heel tip in a shoe workshop or craft store. Many online stores sell sales tips in sets. This will be useful if you need to do another heel repair in the future. New replacement heel tips are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Pull the old tip off the heel with pliers. It takes a lot of power to remove the old tip, whether it's metal or plastic. You can gently turn the pliers from left to right to loosen the old pin.

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Repair loose material around the heel tip. Use exquisite glue to tie loose heels to your heels. If the material is engraved, you can apply the appropriate acrylic paint with a small sponge in the area.

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Insert the new replacement tip into the hole where the damaged end is located. Use a hammer to place the new tip. Repeat the tip with the hammer until it tightens. You can also rotate the shoe down to a piece of wood with the new replacement tip.