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How To Get Vicks Vapor Scrub From Hair

Vicks ointment for chest compression contains several aromatic essential oils as well as petroleum jelly. Because of these oily ingredients, Vicks will not easily scrub the skin, nor will it simply wash with warm water or even normal shampoo. You need to use more than shampoo to remove this oily ointment – thankfully, a product that works well to get saliva out of your hair is probably already in your kitchen.

How To Get Vicks Vapor Scrub From Hair 2

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Use dry paper towels to remove as much of the ointment from your hair as possible. Wrap the towel around the hair strands and gently pull it out. Dispose of the used towel each time and use a new one to get more Vicks out.

Rub the rinse liquid directly on the hair. Choose a dish liquid that is made to cut fat. This helps dissolve the Vicks just as the rinsing liquid dissolves the cooking fat. Leave it on your hair for five minutes.

Rinse your hair with warm water. Do not let water drip into your eyes – rinsing water contains diluted detergent and Vicks, which can cause serious eye irritation.

Shampoo again with a spoonful of detergent, as if you were washing with regular shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and rinse with warm water.

Use a shampoo for oily hair. This should get rid of excess detergent and Vicks and leave a better fragrance on the hair.

Rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry. If the hair still smells Vicks dry, wash it again with the shampoo.


  • Vicks odor is more difficult than the ointment itself – but the odor should dissolve within a few hours and is not harmful.

    If the ointment is on a pet's coat, try using the same method to remove lice. Try to prevent the pet from licking the area until everything is removed. You can also use a haircare scissors to simply cut off the affected hair.


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