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How to make brown-colored ice creams from food coloring

The same places red and green water based food coloring mixed with pure white frost results in a brown base color. To create brown shades – almost a necessity for detail work – color gels work best. Gels are more effective than water-based paints: you need half a yellow water-based paint and you can refine and refine the color of the ice with less speculation.

How to make brown-colored ice creams from food coloring 2

credit: VeselovaElena / iStock / GettyImages How to make brown food coloring


  • Stir the icing 1 hour before application to allow full color hardening.


Step 1: Mix the colors.

Add 12 drops of water-based red and green food coloring – each with 2 cups of ice – to a disposable cup. Mix the colors with a toothpick.

Step 2: Adjust the color.

Mix the coloring of the red, yellow or green foods once around to adjust the color. One or two drops of red food coloring give the color a shade mahogany ? the same amount of yellow gives you one oak similar Quality. A drop of red and green darkens the coffee.

Step 3: Paint the glaze.

Put 2 cups of white whitening in a bowl and put a well in the middle with the spatula. Fold the color on ice until incorporated. This is where the basic wrapping technology works for bakery and pastry applications.

Step 4: Expand the color.

Cover the bowl and let it rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator. Allow the ice to reach room temperature and stir again before application.


The colors are subjective. The mahogany of one cooking is a burnt sienna of another cook. Don't be afraid to experiment with a few extra drops of red, green or yellow water until you get the color you want – But do this before using it with the glaze image we stir.

There is no guessing when mixing special colors based on the gel. For example, if you mix a drop of brown and yellow with 2 cups of ice cream, you will have a neutral coffee – but you can still customize the colors to your liking.

Step 1: Mix the colors.

Mix the gels in a disposable cup with a toothpick:

  • Neutral coffee : 1 drop of yellow + 1 drop of coffee

  • Autumn coffee : 25 drops of coffee + 4 drops of red color + 4 drops of orange + 4 drops of red

  • Brown summer : 1 red drop + 7 drops yellow + 4 drops coffee

  • Brown winter : 26 drops of coffee + 8 drops of purple.

Step 2: Paint the glaze.

Put 2 cups of pure white icing in a mixing bowl and swallow deeper with the spatula. Fold the color until it freezes during the ice. Use the standard wrapping technique.

Step 3: Develop the colors.

Cover the mixing bowl and allow the glaze to remain in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours. Allow the glass to warm to room temperature and stir before use.