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How to make crushed red pepper

Crushed red peppers are a seasoning of hot red peppers that are dried and finely chopped. You can use them as an ingredient in a recipe or as a supplement to foods such as pizza or pasta. Crushed red pepper flakes are usually made from different types of chili peppers, including cayenne, ancho and bell. They usually also contain a large amount of pepper seeds, which make them a particularly spicy plate for dining. If you have extra chili peppers in the kitchen, use them to make your own chopped pepper flakes.

How to make crushed red pepper 2

Choose from different methods for drying chili peppers.

Step 1

Wear protective gloves before you start working with peppers. Using fresh or dried peppers can burn your skin.

Step 2

Collect the chili peppers you want to use. Try a mixture of mild and spicy peppers, such as peppers and cayenne pepper. Use more hot peppers if you want pepper flakes to be very spicy. Use mild paprika for moderately steep flakes.

Step 3

Dry the chili peppers by placing them in a dehumidifier. You can also seed them on a string with a large needle and hang them in a dry or sunny area outside or inside your home. Alternatively, you can place them on a single layer on a plate in a warm and dry area of ​​your home or on a baking tray and expose them to direct sunlight outside. If you do not use a dehumidifier, the drying time for peppers is one to two weeks.

Step 4

Check the peppers while they are dry. Collect them when they are evenly dry without any signs of soft flesh or moisture. They should be slightly brittle with hard skin, but not brittle or hard.

Step 5

Remove the stems from the dried peppers and place them in a food processor, spice grinder or coffee grinder. Grind the peppers until they are flakes and seeds of the desired size and texture. Be careful not to powder the peppers too much.

Step 6

Pour the crushed pepper flakes into a spice jar and mark the contents with a pen or marker. Use an airtight plastic container or a re-sealable plastic bag if you do not have a spice container.