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How to Repair a Dry Nail

Imitating a home salon manicure requires the right tools – including a smooth and vibrant polish. Sticky, sticky and bubble-gloss leads to frustration, stains and anything but a professional look. Don't spin this ugly color on the stand, but give it a new life and hold it for a bit longer in Mani-Pedi's spin.

How to Repair a Dry Nail 2

credit: Yulia-Images / iStock / GettyImages How to Repair Dried Nail Varnishes

After you open a bottle of varnish, the life span begins to decrease. When exposed to air, the components in the varnish evaporate and degrade, causing loss of silk sanding. Over time, the Polish thickness, which can make the application more difficult. If the nail polish is sticky or too sticky and too thick to get the job done, surgery will be needed.

If your nail polish is less than two years old, put it back on the soft brush to apply a few drops of nail polish to the basin. Add one drop at a time to make sure you don't make the polish too thin. Secure the lid after each drop and roll the bottle between your hands to distribute the solvent. Then, check the consistency of the polishing before adding another drop.


Two to three drops of thinner nail solution should be enough. If your varnish is not addressed to this crowd, it is likely that the varnish will not be restored.

If you open this lacquer and find that the brush is difficult to remove from the bottle, the brush is still covered. In a sticky nail polish, give your glossy makeover bottle to simplify your manicure. Clean the tips of the nail removal bottle to remove these sticky debris. Once you remove this unwanted polish, it is less likely to invade your bottle and ruin your manicure.

This steady hand doesn't do you much good when your bubbles glaze – a result of too much air. Do not shake the bottle before applying the varnish – this will only spread the air on the varnish. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands to prepare the lacquer for a handshake.


Improve the consistency of the nail polish by keeping it in the fridge between uses. Due to the cool temperatures and the darkness of the refrigerator, the polish keeps its smooth consistency.

Not all varnishes can be saved. If the nail polish does not comply with these strategies and is still viscous, sticky, dry or coarse – pull it off. The opened nail polish has a shelf life of about two years. If your nail polish stays in the makeup drawer for so long, it may be time to improve your polish.


To prolong the life of the nail polish, always keep it away from direct sunlight.