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Joint weight loss before the big day

"I didn't want to get married in size 46"

It is hard to avoid CWP in Telgte! A friend of mine first tried out a plan. When I met her after a long time, I first asked her if she would have nothing to eat, she lost so many pounds. She then told me about the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP). Even my neighbor lost a lot with the plan. Suddenly I couldn't go fast enough: why would I wait more?

Finally, a few months later my wedding was due. I decided to marry a size 38. At the time, I was still wearing a size 46 and my goal of gaining 30 pounds lighter seemed distant. Of course I put a lot of pressure on it, but maybe that's what I needed. Today I even wear a size 36 – great, but then unthinkable!

I started with step 1 and had a headache for the first three days. My Yoniso advisor scared me and told me that this can happen in an extreme change at first. She was right, after three days there was no problem and I have been blessed ever since. With this goal in mind, I did not grant myself exceptions, either on Christmas or New Year's.

The body was shrinking inch by inch

Measuring my body also motivated me immensely. It was phenomenal to see her becoming slimmer by inch. In addition, Yonisoa always gave me great nutrition tips. I'm sure I would never have achieved it without her advice. It gave me so much confidence that she, too, lost such a convincing plan and kept her figure for more than three years.

The other important person was, of course, my husband. We made the diet together to motivate each other. I have often tried to go on a diet and know how difficult it is for a partner to continue eating "normally". At that time we often ate separately, but it was no longer necessary. And being able to empathize with how I feel is also an advantage.

Be sure to avoid the yo-yo effect

I learned the painful Jojo effect through an earlier diet. I really want to avoid that! But I don’t want to miss that great body feeling. For now, it works without any problems. My two dogs keep me busy, I swim twice a week and always ride my bike to work. When I first sat on the bike after the baby, my butt hurt because it was no longer my "upholstery". It seemed to me like someone was lubricating the car in the meantime, everything was so easy and fast.

I work at a bakery and keep from clients constantly and again that I have a whole new charisma. I'm very happy about it and feel even better in my skin.

Also, I eat a lot more consciously today. I used to love having a snack at work – here a chocolate chip cookie and then a particle. Most pumpkin seeds today! Overall, I currently eat quite a lot of protein and refrain from carbohydrates as much as possible.

I basically manage without a CWP product, but I do take the bar with a late shift from time to time. This is my perfect hit product! I can't do without delicious water additives. They make me finally drink enough.

When I'm hungry, I struggle with unsalted nuts or almonds. Sometimes that is not enough and then I fall back on very dark chocolate. Usually a piece is enough, then I feel so bad that I don't need anything anymore … But I have no other sweets at home. And if I can do it, then anyone can really do it.