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Maintain Combination Skin Properly: Top Tips and Best Products

Is your skin dry and oily at the same time? No reason to despair: We'll tell you what tips and products really help with combination skin!

If our face feels oily but dry at the same time, we quickly get the feeling that our skin simply wants to irritate us. Admittedly, the skin care routine should be slightly different for combination skin than for other skin types. Because leather makes two opposite claims. However, proper combination skin care is not as complicated as it sounds.

What really is combination skin?

Combination skin is a combination of normal and oily skin or dry and oily skin. You usually recognize them by their oily T-zone, so they have great skin on the forehead, nose and chin. Here, the skin produces too much sebum and tends to stain more often. The pores also appear larger in the combination skin in the T zone. In contrast, the skin on the cheeks is quite dry in combination skin and may tend to stretch.

Particularly teenagers and women by the end of their 20s have combination skin. With increasing age, the production of sebum normalizes, so that the unpleasant glow in the T zone disappears on its own.

Fortunately, you won't have to wait until then: we'll tell you how to balance combination skin and which products will help you best.

Put on a gentle facial cleanser

Also, if you want to get rid of annoying pimples and blackheads on your forehead, chin or nose as quickly as possible: Stay away from aggressive face cleansers! This is especially true for cleansing products, especially for unclean skin. They often contain alcohol and over-degrease the skin. This can lead to the fact that the sebaceous glands create an even larger layer of skin to protect the skin from drying out. On the other hand, dehydrated areas of the skin can dry out even more.

Mild facial cleansers that are suitable for all skin types and gently remove your skin from makeup and dirt are better. Ingredients such as amino acids and natural fats improve skin hydration and prevent skin from tingling after cleansing.

For example, Paul's Choice offers a mild facial cleanser with amino acids. Shop here for Amazon for around € 25.

Invest in face cream specifically for combination skin

Rich cheek cream and matte pimple lotion for forehead, nose and chin? This is not only super impractical but can be quite expensive in the long run. In addition, not every skin can tolerate so many different skin care products.

So it makes sense to give you a face cream that is specifically tailored to the needs of complex combination skin. It gives your skin the right amount of moisture and absorbs quickly without grease. By the way, especially stress-free care is best achieved with perfume-free products.

This is the best face cream for combination skin (according to Amazon)

At Amazon, many combination skin buyers swear by Sans Soucis Daily Vitamins 24h Daily Moisturizer. The face cream should be appropriate for every skin type and make the skin look more even and fresher.

Many reviews particularly praise their lightweight texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Even with its compatibility, especially in combination skin, the cream was able to score. In addition, it should be very productive so you can get along with the pot for a long time.

You can have Nachshoppen cream here for about 12 euros.

Enzyme exfoliation helps with combination skin

Regular face exfoliation ensures that the skin becomes smooth and supple again. This also applies to combination skin. Because dead skin cells can clog the sebaceous glands, which already act on combined skin in the T zone at full speed. If the glands are blocked, pimples and blackheads have a simple game.

The visible improvement in your combination skin promises especially enzymatic exfoliants. Unlike mechanical peels, they act without aggressive scratching on the skin. The enzymes contained in them release dandruff and dry areas that can easily be washed away after exposure time. Enzymes usually come from fruits, for example, from papaya or pineapple. After application, the skin looks finer and more even.

The Daytox enzyme exfoliator is particularly popular (there are around € 10 for Amazon, for example). Silicone and paraben free, and promises deep skin cleansing.

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