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Niedersächsin Breher new CDU Vice President

Stand: 11/22/2019 9:02 pm

Silvia Breher (r.) Of Löningen was elected CDU vice president Friday afternoon.

Silvia Breher was elected the new Vice President at the CDU Federal Party Congress in Leipzig. The Bundestag member of Löningen (Cloppenburg district) and the head of the CDU Oldenburg thus succeeds the appointed EU Commission President Ursulu von der Leyen. Breher was the only candidate. Under the unwritten law of the Christian Democrats, the CDU for Lower Saxony was to appoint a successor to Lower Saxony von der Leyen.

Silvia Breher becomes the new CDU deputy in the Bund

Greetings to Lower Saxony

Niedersächsin Silvia Breher of Löningen was elected at the CDU congress in Leipzig as the new Vice President. The 46-year-old inherits Ursula von der Leyen.

Breher: "Agriculture is part of my DNA"

Breher declared her nomination an unusual story: the 46-year-old sees herself as a career change, no classic bullfights, no socialization at Junge Union. Maybe that's why he has a second, not just fun look, doubt. Still, Breher is not cheeky: "I come from rural youth," she said. She has long been politically active there and in various clubs. "Agriculture and rural areas are part of my DNA."

Häme from the "heute-show"

A CDU woman on a farm grew up, the vacation was unknown at the time. "That's what shaped me," Breher said. Later she studied law, specialized in construction law. A member of the Bundestag and a mother of three speaks openly and directly – not always to her own advantage: When she spoke in front of the Bundestag about conspicuous wolves who could approach children in a nursery school, she brought to her the wickedness of the satirical ZDF show "Today Show".

Politics with humor

However, she doesn't mind the joke. More important to her is that she is close to people's problems: Breher even developed her own talk show, which she runs through inns at her constituency Cloppenburg-Vechta.

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NDR 1 Lower Saxony

NDR 1 Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony Silvia Breher is 44 years old and is a very fresh CDU MP in the Bundestag. Represents the Cloppenburg-Vechta constituency. Portrait of a politician.

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