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Premature Menopause: These symptoms indicate menopause

Hot flashes and sleep disorders are typical signs of menopause. Usually, women are about 50 when they enter menopause.

But they can become a topic much faster than expected: about one percent of women in Germany are affected by premature menopause.

This can happen to them ten to 15 years earlier than usual.

Menopause and its symptoms

Menopause usually starts at about the age of 50 to 51 – this is considered to be the mean age of menopause. They are accompanied by symptoms such as fever, sleep disorders, mental instability, joint pain, decreased libido, dryness of the vagina and other ailments.

Menopause occurs when the ovaries slowly become inactive. Then the body shuts down the production of the hormone estrogen and the intervals between menstrual bleeding become larger, until they finally stop completely.

The last "natural" menstruation in a woman's life is called menopause.

Signs of premature menopause

"Premature menopause" is when ovarian function decreases before the age of 40 and the woman no longer has menstruation. If women under 40 cannot get pregnant and have menopausal symptoms, premature menopause is suspected.

This affects about one percent of women, 0.3 percent even before the age of 35.

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