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Questions and Answers with Dr. Wayne Andersen

During this special video, you will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Wayne S. Andersen, best-selling author, NY Times innovator and leader in the emerging health and lifestyle coaching specialty and health habits creator Dr. A.'s system to ask questions and watch him answer the most pressing questions about creating optimal health and well-being.

Learn Dr. A's "3 Steps to Creating Optimal Health" and wake up to how Dr. Andersen has helped hundreds of thousands of people create a predictable transformation in their health and well-being. Dr. A will address popular questions about physical, emotional, relationships, professional, financial, and logistical barriers that have prevented hundreds of millions of Americans from adopting health habits, and he will share his revolutionary approach to motivate you to act and get you train. to begin writing (or continuing to write) your own personal story of transforming optimal health and well-being.

Dr. Andersen is the first in his family to enter college and graduate with honors from Florida State University with a degree in Science. He eventually went to medical school at the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City, where he was a valedictorian of his graduating class. He interns at Grandview Hospital and undergoes open-heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic before continuing to train for two more years at Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami. He then became the tenth Board of Critical Care Certified Physicians and returned to the institution where he began his undergraduate training to establish an open-heart program and surgical intensive care unit.

It is here that Dr. Andersen developed a deep understanding of the key role that nutrition plays for disease and health. For eighteen years, Dr. Andersen has led the Surgical Critical Care Program at Grandview and is chair of the anesthesiology department. In 2000, he made the monumental decision to leave his practice at the hospital to devote his full energy to helping people become and stay healthy through the emerging specialty of personal health coaching.

As the co-founder of Optavia, Dr. Andersen has built an integrated support system that helps people make the necessary changes to their lifestyles to create optimal health. Using the team approach of health professionals working with health coaches, Dr. Andersen says we can provide leading nutritional solutions, medical support and support to caring people to provide the necessary one-on-one interaction that is so important to change people's lives ,