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The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019

Advent calendars are a great gift for any woman – you just have to choose a model. Calendars with wellness products, teapots, jewelry or tea are a nice alternative to beauty advent calendars and sweeten the pre-Christmas period without chocolate. Here are our recommendations:

Our favorites: The Advent calendar for the contemplative pre-Christmas period

We start with our three favorites that have become particularly beautiful calendars this year. In addition, we explored other popular Advent calendars and sorted by topic.

If you're looking for beauty advent calendar tips, read our collection of the best 2019 beauty advent calendars here.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar with Scented Teapots

What spreads a better Christmas mood than the candle and cinnamon stick smell? Our favorite for the relaxed Advent season is the Yankee Candle Advent Calendar. Christmas design makes the calendar a great gift idea for any woman.

The content consists of 12 scented votive candles and 12 tea lamps scented in 18 different scents. We especially like this calendar because it also has a star-shaped Christmas votive candle holder. This makes it easier to survive the stressful Christmas season and put candles in the spotlight.


The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 2
  • Contents: 12 scented votive candles, 12 scented tea lamps + 1 votive candlestick
  • Top product: Tealight candles have 2 of 6 nostalgic scents
The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 3

Spicy tea in Advent calendar from English teapot

A warm cup of tea warms the cold days. The Advent Calendar of the English Tea Party hides behind each of its 24 individual boxes a teapot for a well-deserved break on stressful days. Tea in organic quality has convinced us and is therefore one of our favorites.

The calendar contains 13 different teas packed in pyramidal bags. The flavors are based on black and green tea which are enriched with delicious spices. During the Advent season, the flavors of popular teas adapt to the Christmas setting.


The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 4
  • Contents: 13 different organic teas (black and green teas with delicious spices)
  • Top product: Christmas tea in high quality pyramid bags
The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 3

Walnut is mixed in Seeberger's calendar

A delicious alternative to chocolate and other sweets is the Seeberger Advent calendar. Seeberger is committed to high quality nuts and dried fruits.

The calendar contains delicious nuts. These snacks are perfect for Christmas time and can be consumed on a decent December evening. Treats like roasted cashew nuts, mixtures of nuts and roasted almonds are hidden behind the door. A colorful mix that is not just for women.


The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 6
  • Contents: 24 different small packages
  • Highlights: 2x roasted cashew nuts, salty 15 g, 2x crushed almonds 15 g, 2x noble mixture of nuts 40 g, 2x cranberry mixture of nuts 15 g, 2x almond honey and almonds 15 g
The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 3

Other Advent calendars for women by occupation

Advent calendar for wellness and relaxation

The next choice of Advent calendars provides relaxation in a stressful pre-Christmas period. The little break you get even with the little things for body and mind. For example, small yoga exercises provide enjoyable physical activity. So bring a wellness moment home.

Whether they are tea in different scents, tea in Christmas flavors or spa products: a vacation is guaranteed behind the door. Here are some of these calendars:


2019 Advent calendar with wellness products

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 8

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 9

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 10

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 11

For Romantics: An Advent Calendar with a Proof of Love

For romantic love evidence during Advent, Advent calendars do not have high material value. Because Christmas is a time of love. Thought and gesture count.

You give these calendars a little love and gratitude to your partner every day. A sweet idea for evocative love evidence.

Our favorite for couples is Erotic Advent Calendar Classic by Amorelie with 24 sensual surprises. The value of around € 485 includes, among other things, a vibrating egg and a Womanizer One to try. The Amorelie erotic surprises calendar was so popular last year that there are two more special issues this year: the Just love the calendar and the Luxury calendar.

Advent calendar for connoisseurs

Delicious food and good company are especially in vogue at Christmas time. No wonder women and men are looking forward to Advent calendars with delicious surprises.

Content doesn't always have to be chocolate. Advent calendars are a great way to try other flavors. New Christmas spices or noble wine make your heart beat faster. Our favorite is here Ankerkraut premium seasonal champagne calendar, you can find more spicy calendars here.

Calendar with Christmas cooking recipes

Daily new ingredients also need creative cooking recipes. With these slightly different Advent calendars, pre-Christmas season won’t be boring.

Calendars contain creative recipe ideas and delicious baking recipes especially for the Christmas period. For the slender line, there are calendars with Christmassy Low Carb recipes. Enjoying without a bit of conscience is the motto here. Check out our list:

Creative give or hold calendars

With creative ideas and attention to detail, these simple yet effective Advent calendars help create a beautiful pre-Christmas period.

They contain a mix of art illustrations, advisor tips and picking styles – inspiring Advent calendars to watch or participate in. Great tips, recipes or simple craft ideas can be found in these calendars:

Advent calendar with jewelry

In addition to beauty Advent and jewelry calendars, they are very popular. The perfect gift for a girl, woman or mother, as calendars feature jewelry in a variety of fashion styles. Studs, bracelets, pendants or chains will surprise you every day until Christmas.


2019 Advent calendar with jewelry

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 12

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 13

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 14

The most popular Advent calendar for women in 2019 15

What to keep in mind with Advent calendars with jewelry

In addition to calendars with jewelry, there are also calendars that carry real jewelry. You should pay attention to the quality of jewelry, both in fashion and in actual jewelry calendars. Otherwise, jewelry pieces may break or run after a short time.

The important question is: are Beauty Advent calendars really worth it?

Our advice: If the total calendar price is well above the value of individual products, buying an Advent calendar is not worth it. Therefore, it is advisable to determine the value of the product before purchase. Most Advent calendars already have a list of content. Calendars are partially equipped with exclusive products that are not commercially available.

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