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VfB Stuttgart must capture BIG KSC!

VfB Stuttgart Must Stop "GREAT" KSC! Walter requires absolute will. Especially in the air, Karlsruhe is very strong!

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VfB Stuttgart: Defense will be completely challenged by KSC standards.

• VfB Stuttgart must put a large KSC under control.
• VfB defense required. Walter requires complete commitment and unconditional will.
• Self confidence is very high in VfB Stuttgart before the derby

Victory MUST come! VfB Stuttgart against the mighty Karlsruher SC under derby pressure on Sunday (1.30pm). VfB bankruptcy threatens fifth place … and a lot of unrest.

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VfB Stuttgart: Walter has a HUGE KSC danger in sight

It's a GREAT thing to come to VfB Stuttgart on Sunday. And it’s not just about the mood. Karlsruhe can rely on its strength in standards this season. Big good guys! a real KSC weapon!

A place in the starting eleven? KSC strength could bring Mario Gomez into the derby storm

Coach Tim Walter knows blue-white danger: "They do really well and you just can't talk about size. They have a lot of great games."

VfB Stuttgart: The defense must fight the KSC on time

There is a lot of work to be done in the defense department. Coach-Walter does not want to let the KSC into the comfort zone: "Our goal is not to let the opponent get there in the first place."

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Completely avoiding the standard, however, VfB Stuttgart can hardly. But coach Tim Walter has very clear request his games: "You have to invest everything, blow it all up. We have to work on the man, there has to be the will and the conviction to pick up the header – that's our job!"

VfB Stuttgart is full of self-confidence

Still, VfB Stuttgart and coach Tim Walter lacked conviction. The result is victories without fulfilling promises. The coach is confident: "We're much further now, much more mature." And his captain Marc-Oliver Kempf is full of confidence in the days before the Hitzig derby. The nervousness is "not noticeable", you will "strike again" on the weekends.