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Weight – Celebrate Recovery

I briefly targeted the Celebrate Mosaic Recovery Group.

Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to talk about your injuries, interruptions, and habits with others, no matter what you struggle with. Like therapy but free!



Matthew Tate
Mandy Inchaustegui
Chad Phillips


Producer – Megan Vyopel
Executive Producer – Mandy Inchaustegui
Director – Jeffrey Davis Asher
DP – James Kanka
Art Director – Jalisco Wayne
PA – JL Mobus
Editor – Austin Flack
Composer – Mateo Messina (Juno)
Writer – Jeffrey Davis Asher and Matthew Tate

Special thanks:

Anthony Inhaustegui
Xander Inchaustegui
Elijah Inchaustegui
Ashley Morales
Brian Hall
CS Frantom
Mandy Muenzer
Marian Wendling
Mark Wendling
Julia Qui
Victoria VanWinkle