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Weight Loss: With this unusual trick you will remain lean throughout the Christmas season

Christmas days are seduced by many delicious temptations for the holiday season. After a feast of love, the sight of scales often provokes a bad mood.

Even before Christmas, temptations are pervasive: at Christmas markets, a multitude of festively decorated booths and stalls lure all kinds of goodies. Fried sausages in bread rolls, boiled wine, candied nuts and Baumstriezel The leaf is long and evokes several grams on the flanks. It becomes really "dangerous" for a lean line, and then during the holidays, when it goes from one festive meal to the next: roast goose, rich sauces, dumplings, cookies and chairs provide a stunning view of the scales when "quiet time" is over. But it doesn't have to be!

It doesn't have to be over Christmas

According to "", researchers at the University of Georgia, USA, found in a study that a simple measure can prevent weight gain on Christmas Day.

You just have to stand on the scale every day. Half of the respondents signed up for Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated in late November and, just like Christmas, is celebrated with plenty of food, weighing daily until New Year's – aiming to keep their first weight no bigger than their first measurement. The remaining participants served as the control group.

What is the benefit of daily weighing?

Participants, who controlled their weight daily, were able to maintain or even lose weight, in the control group they gained weight. The method seems to help.

Also "" reports that daily weighing can help maintain weight. A study from Cornell University confirms that daily weighing and counting helps to control one's weight. Personal trainer and nutritionist Chad Hargrove recommends using these numbers to calculate a week's average. As a result, the body's natural fluctuations would not feel unsafe or misled.

Because it must be clear to you that daily fluctuations in body weight are completely normal. They depend on factors such as water intake, how much you ate the day before, or whether you went in for sports. If you want to lose weight and have a specific goal in mind, you can achieve good results with daily weighing.

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Balance as an enemy

But there are also critical voices when it comes to everyday or even the use of scale. Because when you concentrate in the process of losing weight on just the numbers on the scale, you can easily forget that you feel comfortable in his body, no matter what the weight. Each gram more or less is then noticed joyfully or frustrated – the result of a boat ride on a tree. Adopting your own body away from alleged ideals thus moves into the distant future. In addition, consider: If you put on a balanced workout with your diet, you are removing fat and muscle – and you weigh more than fat. So, if the scale shows an increase, then that is not cause for frustration.

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At any given moment all your weight is how heavy you are. – On any given day, that's all. – Still, your weight can tell you a lot. – Did you lack calories? – Still, your weight doesn't say much. And treating it as such has no use – at least none. – What could it do in terms of damage? – Well, for one, it could drive you crazy. "Because it will go up after you've been great and if you take it too seriously, you'll think it's really important." – And at this point, I'll tell you, the repair of this is not to an extent, it's more common. – Why? – Because you want accuracy, the more data the better. 1-5 pounds – maybe sometimes more! – regardless of fat loss or gain, it means you can lose weight and jump up the ladder. – All that happened is all those days away from you. – Your average dropped, but you didn't have the information you needed to see it. – That's why traveling more often makes sense. And it probably helps regulate behavior. – So if you want to know how much your weight is and where it is going, you should get on the scale more, not less. "Unless you can help it, but let it cheer you up." In that case, consider taking a break. But if you can get it everyday, at the same time understanding what it says every morning is not a big deal, the more you get the better information. – Do you have problems with scale? Drop me a comment and tell me about it. ,,

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