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Which hair color looks best with hazel eyes?

If you have hazelnuts, celebrate your luck. This unique blend of green, gold and brown is sought after by your blue and brown eyes. Most of the time with a beautiful to medium complexion, hazelnut people have a nice color. Regardless of how light or tanned you are, you can determine whether your skin is sluggish, warm, cool or neutral. The color of your skin and the color of your eyes are the key to finding the perfect hair color.

Which hair color looks best with hazel eyes? 2

Credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment / Grace Pictures Drew Barrymore's melodic curls are a wonderful addition to her hazelnuts.

Get to know your coloring

In most cases, the hazelnut peoples skin colors range from light ivory to medium caramel. Whatever the color of your skin, it is your skin tone that determines which colors appear most flattering to you. To find out if you are hot, cool or neutral, take a silver piece and a piece of gold jewelry. Put on the earrings or hold the necklace or look at your face and see what looks best. If it is gold, you probably have warm, sluggish elements. If it's silver, it's probably cool. If you do not understand this, you could be neutral.

soft tones

If you are looking for a blond, light brown or light red hair, these are often the perfect match for your hazel eyes. Most blondes increase the brightness of hazelnut eyes, so try a golden, buttery hue. A bit darker may look even better on midriffed skin, so opt for "Bronde": rich light brown honey. These shades bring the natural gold dots to your eyes. Light red, like the strawberry blond, is a unique contrast to the green hues of hazelnuts, but light copper red fruits work well. Avoid white blond white – it can wash you off even if you have darker skin.

Dark and bold

The rich brown and red hair colors can make a bold look if you have hazelnuts. Hot coffee and neutral chocolate brown are ideal for making green and gold in hazelnut eyes pop. If you have lighter skin, it should not be darker than chocolate brown. The deep Auburn colors give the hazelnut lights with the red and warm shades of brown the perfect contrast. Dark "Cherry Soda" Red is a great shade that gives a soft glow to the dark and dare with hair color. Avoid dyed black paints – if you have hazelnuts, they will flush out any light skin and may rub on the caramel skin.

The winners

There are a number of color choices that offer the best possible boost to your body's eyes. One rule you hear from almost every stylist is to stay in some shades of the natural color of your hair. If you have warm skin and straight hair, the golden blonde looks better with your hazel eyes. For beautiful, cool skin, try a medium golden brown and add depth snapshots. Dark mahogany hair glides on warm tanned skin and makes the hazelnuts shimmer. Auburn is one of the world's best shades for hazelnuts and cool skin.