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With the Astronaut diet, you can reach your desired weight in as little as 13 days

The astronaut diet promises 9 pounds of weight loss in just 13 days, but of course you don't have to rely on the astronaut's liquid food. We'll tell you what foods are allowed and what else you need to consider.

Autumn is in full swing and is showing in all its looks, and soon we are heading into the winter which lures us all kinds of delicious desserts during the Christmas season. Who wants to enjoy it without a bit of conscience and would like to lose one or two pounds, which are a variety of different weight loss, diet and fasting and diet regimens available and now we come across another variant that has it all and Whole 9 pounds in just 13 days to thaw need. This is a diet of astronauts, not taking its name from its perversion, but because we have to give up some daily food for 13 days – just like astronauts do. We've figured out which dishes should be on your menu, what to look for and how the pounds go down, and let's find out just …

So, the Astronaut Diet will help you get your dream figure soon

Although we can immediately guess what the options are like cauliflower diet, tomato diet or cinnamon diet, in this case it is different. Those who can't think of anything like eating an astronaut like us can calm down because Basically, this is nothing but a low-carbohydrate diet that avoids carbohydrate-rich foods, while high-protein foods are preferred., That specifically means: Carbohydrates, sugar and fiber are taboos for 13 days during which the diet should spend, which sooner or later releases the body from fat and removes weight in record time, Proteins, on the other hand, ensure the preservation of our muscle mass and the recovery of the gut flora. Related