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Yoga for politicians

Yoga for politicians 2

Participants in the introduction of yoga with Circular candidate Ely Eibisch (left front) and yoga teacher Manuel von Podewils (center), next to Bernhard Lux.

Image: ak

Ely Eibisch, District Council and Tirschenreuth Voter Freedom Candidate, visited Ganesha County Council Member Manuel Freifra, of Podewils, with his county counterpart, Bernhard Luks. Marshmallow is shown a yoga room in Reuth Castle Hall, which has been offering beginner and advanced courses regularly for two years. Trained by Podewils, the Bad Meinberg Vidya Yoga Institute, a Hatha yoga teacher, he then designed an introductory lesson for county councils and other participants from near and far.

The ladies explained to the guests the positive health aspects of yoga and suggested this in individual body and mind exercises.

The practice of yoga harmonizes the body, mind and soul. Hatha yoga includes physical exercises (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), diet, deep relaxation, meditation and positive thinking. Yoga is used to promote quality of life, balance and energy. Yoga is good, fun and good for your health.

It is considered one of the best ways to manage stress, which is scientifically proven. Physical exercises make you more flexible, more vital, release tension and strengthen your immune system. There are various yoga techniques for conscious breathing.

Breathing exercises are ideal for increasing volume, concentration is better, acting as a prevention of colds. With proper, deep breathing, they feel that the yoga students are alive and full of energy. Self-confidence, self-esteem and life aspiration, quality of life and mental flexibility supported in old age are promoted. It is suitable for everyone.