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Young Woman Takes Vacation Photo – Crazy detail becomes visible only at second glance

At first glance, it's just a sunny, beautiful Uraubsbild. But at the top of the corner, the detail stands out at a second glance …

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She probably just wanted to capture a nice moment on the beach. Instead, a very curious vacation photo came out for the young woman.

  • A young woman just wants to make a beachy picture of herself.
  • At first glance, it works.
  • At a second glance, an interesting detail captures the view.

Bright sun, crystal clear sea, fine sand in the hair – this perfect blend wanted one a young woman hold a photo. Who wanted to blame her? In any case, the finished photo has some fame on the net reddit brought.

See for yourself. What do you see?

Have you already recognized the detail?

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At first glance, it just looks like she tied her dark hair in a ponytail. Only after a closer look at the photo is it clear: Behind her, man!

Reddit users respond in a fun way. “It took me a long time to see!” Commented one of them.

Inattentive blindness protects the brain from overload

The picture thus gives a great example of the so-called inattentional blindness from. This psychological term refers to the phenomenon that our brain blocks things when its attention is focused on something else. It’s not about human intelligence – it’s just a strategy for surviving our brains. To prevent overstimulation, seemingly unimportant details are hidden.

Bowls with holiday photos quickly happened

On vacation you want to relax and think nothing wrong – it comes so quickly Photo margins, For example, a young woman was ashamed of her parents when they discovered a slippery detail in a photo with her boyfriend.

The irritating element also contains a photo of another couple – but this is very difficult to detect. Speaking of irritating: Only recently have innocent photos of the tile floor taken to the Internet.

Breakfast or not: everyone loves the holidays!

Mistakes on vacation or not, we can all agree on one thing: Holidays are beautiful! By the way, that's the truth Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and appears in a tight swimsuit …