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Can any person be hypnotized?

Display hypnotists use the trance state of people to produce spectacular effects for the audience. On the other hand, therapists want to free people from mental and physical problems with the help of hypnosis. But is every human being sensitive to this?

Hypnosis in humans arouses great fascination. In hypnosis shows, whole groups of people on the open stage can obviously find themselves in a trance within seconds. As a result, they seem to be playing the hypnotist of the play and can move into seemingly grotesque behavior. But is it really that easy to hypnotize people? And lastly, can anyone be hypnotized – even against his will?

Before that, however, the question should be clarified: what exactly is hypnosis? In the true sense of the word, this means achieving a hypnotic trance combined with the application of hypnotic suggestions. "Trans," says Michael Teut, a hypnotherapist from the Berlin Charité Naturopathy Outpatient Clinic, at, "a changed state of mind with very focused attention while being physically relaxed."

Focused and relaxed at the same time? "There's nothing unusual about this condition," the expert says. Almost all people would experience a trance without recognizing it as such. "If, for example, you travel by train, the landscape passes by and you start dreaming, then you are already in a slight trance." Even when reading an exciting book or while driving or running, you can fall into a state of light trance.

Get rid of fear in a trance

However, there are different trance depths. The slight trance of everyday life, for example – and the deep trance of hypnotherapy. In this hypnosis, trained doctors and psychotherapists use a person's trance condition to cure or alleviate physical or mental suffering – including nicotine addiction, depression, anxiety, or even pain. "The most amazing thing about a trance is that it allows things to be very lifelong, mentally, just out of imagination," Teut explains, and is a very real simulation.

But how does a nicotine addict help get rid of addiction? For example, a hypnotherapist can help smokers imagine the benefits of a non-smoking life in which they can breathe freely, feel more comfortable, and leave smoking behind. Before surgery, hypnosis is used to help patients relax. "The patient can imagine, for example, very real, while lying on the beach, the sea hears the noise and relaxes soothingly soothing," Teut says.

Show hypnosis is based on effects

"Hypnosis, in turn, uses hypnotic phenomena to show spectacular effects," Teut says, but medical and psycho-hypnotherapists are critical of it because participants in such performances often seem insignificant and thus fail. Still, Teut is convinced, "This kind of hypnosis is real."

But how does such hypnosis show that few people are in a trance in a relatively short time? "It works because visitors and participants in such shows have positive expectations," Teut explains, and once they're on stage, hypnosis can really be very quick: "A trance state is a condition that most people can experience relatively quickly."

But can people be hypnotized against their will? Teut There are different views of experts, says Teut. "I don't want to rule out that someone can be put into hypnosis who may not want to, but as a rule there must be a willingness to do so."

Some people are not in a trance state

Finally, the question arises at the beginning: Can every human being be hypnotized? No, says the expert. "There are people who are practically not in a trance state." This is the case for about one in five. Why this is so is unclear. In part, there may be intrinsic resistance to hypnosis. For example, if there is no relationship of trust with the therapist. "But it is believed to operate in 70 to 80 percent of people with trance," Teut said.

By the way: Hypnosis can also be dangerous. "You should not be hypnotized if you have psychosis like schizophrenia or have ever had delusions," Teut warns. This could be activated. It is also important to wake up properly from hypnosis: "If you are still drowsy afterwards, then there is a risk that you may cause an accident while driving."