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Dry your nail polish faster with these tips

Nail polish must always be perfectly perfect when we have the least time to care for it. We all know this: our nails are colored and black, we remain in a jacket and little artwork is ruined. Then we have to start all over again. It doesn't have to be! We show you some tips The nail polish quickly dries can.

Nail Polish Dryer Faster: Best Tips

The nail polish dries faster – which you should pay attention to when applying

What many people forget: Already when applying nail polish, we can do a lot to make the paint dry faster later. If you start painting your nails, it is advisable to apply only a thin layer. Do not despair if the color has not yet reached the desired color after first applying the color. After two minutes, the result should convince you. Not satisfied? Then after two to three minutes, apply a second coat of paint to your nails.

Nail polish dries faster – step by step

Dry your nail polish faster with ice water

It sounds weird, but it works: Nail polish is best dried with the help of cold, Ice water is especially effective. This is how it works:

  1. Remove a conventional bowl from a kitchen that is so large that you can put both hands in it at the same time. Half of this is filled with cold water. Then add four to five ice cubes.
  2. Now start painting your nails. Be sure to apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat – two minutes apart. Allow the paint to dry for about 90 seconds after application.
  3. You can now dip your fingertips in an ice water bowl. Keep your hands as still as possible, otherwise there may be stains like streams. Allow your hands to rest in water for about two minutes. Due to freezing shock The nail polish quickly dries.

By the way: It can also be helpful to keep colored nails in the freezer for about a minute. However, this process is not necessarily energy efficient. If you keep your nails under running water, you should ensure that the bundle is not too strong so that the color does not form a dent.

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Gently remove the varnish

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Dry your nail polish faster with a dry spray

If it's too expensive, you can simply go to the pharmacy and get a dry spray. They contain so-called drying oils, which are responsible for faster evaporation of colored solvents. Important: When using quick drying spray be sure to keep a distance of 30 centimeters, otherwise the varnish layer may break.

Dry your nail polish faster with a hair spray

If you don't want to spend extra money on dry spray, check out your bathroom cabinet. Even conventional hair spray helps Nail polish dries faster, Just spray a small amount on nail polish at a distance of about 20 centimeters. Products with a high alcohol content cause moisture to be drawn out of the paint, which causes it to dry immediately. Unfortunately, the hands are sucked in with moisture using a hair spray. So after drying, take a moisturizing hand cream that protects the skin from dry and cracked areas.

Dries nail polish faster with topcoat

Pharmacy coatings work just as well as hair sprays and hair dryers. They polish nails faster. Apply the usual nail polish as usual, wait two minutes, then apply the top coat to the polish.

The nail polish dries faster with drops

Even drops (also available at the pharmacy) for nail polish treatment can help in drying nail polish faster. Simply drop one or two drops over the nail and wait for it to recede.

Nail polish dries faster with UV rays

A particularly expensive method is this Drying nail polish with a UV devicewhich can be found in any conventional nail salon. Cheap UV lamps can already be purchased from as low as € 15.

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Dry your nail polish faster – you should keep your hands away from these tips!

Do you dry your nail polish faster by blowing, waving, or blow drying?

This misconception exists: nail polish dries very quickly when it is dried, dried or dried. But that's not the case! Only on the surface does the paint dry, it remains soft underneath. And then? It will certainly tremble faster after the action. And the whole manicure was free. Better yet: grab ice water! Or try some other tip above. And there is nothing to interfere with Wow's performance.