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Eternal Contrast Fight: EHC Olten is subject to GCK Lions 4: 5

The temptation was to portray a scenario where EHC Olten could settle in after three victories in games against the GCK Lions, Winterthur and Ticino Rockets after beating Langenthal 5-3 in the final on Wednesday, with nine more points to go against the underdog. EHC Olten would be welcome in the first place in a week. But even after the first of these three games, such considerations are now obsolete.

Because EHC Olten has the duty of a top team, which is always embarrassed to play the dicey GCK Lions to win, not finished and with 4: 5 are the losers of the ice. Mainly because the powerful mice are too slimy defensively, the mistakes make mistakes that the GCK Lions coldly punish. EHC Olten even has to be accused of having entered this game with an indifferent attitude.

Philipp Rytz: "You have to get your energy here"

Here is a small tree with 3500 fans in the back or derbystimmung Schoren with 2500 spectators, as well as an artificial skating rink Küsnacht with a well-numbered 280 people. An emotional derby at Langenthal follows Trist in Küsnacht. It is the daily routine of the Swiss League, an eternal struggle with contrast, over which EHC Olten once again stumbles.

Also a motivational question? "By no means are we always motivated," says captain Philipp Rytz, but admits that guest games on the village team, playing in the GCK Lions, are "just something different."

"The energy in the derby is right there. Here at Küsnacht you have to get that energy yourself and you have to first build it inside the team and then transfer it to the ice. It's very difficult, especially right after the derby," Rytz says. "But you shouldn't be an excuse, it is a game with confirmation that we have failed. We would have to win this game. "

Team Awakening Call: Matthys replaces Rytz

In fact, the EHC Olten is essential for long-term stocks. But mice of power find themselves in the first 40 minutes in search of their own fire – and their own quality. Oltner ranks errors for errors, disk losses to disk losses. And the scary number of duels is lost by angry GCK Lions. Only the blue line striker opens completely unhindered, with a lot of traffic ahead of the goal, Skore, then Cédric Maurer in the far post gives his opponent and finally Simon Rytz knocked backman backhand with despair.

Even the early change of goalkeeper in Simon Rytz's first intermission on Silas Matthys, which was supposed to be something of a vigilant call to the team, brought no improvement. The accident is long overdue.

Also, because Horanski stands behind his own goal as an ideal passport to the opponent, after which the Matthys can even catch behind the baseline. And finally, Zurich residents accepted another EHCO gift, this time from Eigenmann defender, halfway through the match.

After all, 2: 5 represented something like the final point of the angry GCK Lions, whose topstorms with Backman, Hinterkircher and Simic could just as well be a higher league roster with the ZSC Lions as the fourth tower.

In the final third of the EHC, Olten's will to win was not denied. Assault after assault was directed towards the GCK target, but even a double situation with a break of one minute and 48 seconds left Oltner passing unused. The awakening came too late. "The last Zwick is gone today," says Philipp Rytz.

As a consolation, it should at least be noted that Olten's storm around Stan Horanski, Dion Knelsen and Garry Nunn is getting better and better. With a lot of speed, technical sophistication and an eye for an unexpected pass, they put a lot of danger ahead of the opponent's goal. Therefore, they were strongly promoted by Coach Söderström, responsible for all four EHCO goals.

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