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Fans Confused: Hair in the Jeffree & Shane Eyeshadow Palette

In fact, Jeffree Star (34) and Shane Dawson (31) currently have every reason to celebrate! The beauty guru and vlogger have just launched several make-up products – including a large set of eyeshadows that set a new record: in one day, they sold more than one million copies of their conspiracy palette. But it was only within their fans that they discovered the embarrassing detail now: Some customers have found hair in colored containers!

It's been three weeks since the release of the pallet – but with some fans, the products are just starting to spin. For some, a bad awakening happened: on twitter Customers complained that they noticed laces of small hair in the shading vessels. Videos taken with tweezers show how deep the fibers are in the material. They reportedly accidentally crept into the paint while charging. Fortunately, those affected can successfully complain about their product.

For now, the reaction remains jeffree or Shane on a boring hair incident still out. As the two are currently preoccupied with another problem: One of the online stores selling their range did not pack their goods well, so they partially broke through the consumer and arrived with a loose, crumb of color. on twitter Jeffree said he wants to resolve the issue internally and replace damaged products.

Jeffree Star with Conspiracy PaletteInstagram / jeffreestarPicture gallery button
Jeffree Star with Conspiracy Palette
Jeffree Star in a private jetInstagram / jeffreestar

Jeffree Star in a private jet
Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and their "Conspiracy Collection"Instagram / shanedawson

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and their "Conspiracy Collection"

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